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Cosponsored Meetings

13th International Conference on Radiation Shielding (ICRS-13) and 19th Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection & Shielding Division (RPSD-2016)
Paris, France October 3-6, 2016
General Chair:

Cheikh M. Diop (CEA/DEN, France)

Assistant General Co-Chairs:

Michele Sutton Ferenci (Penn State University, USA)

Takashi Nakamura (University of Tohoku, Japan)

Gianni Bruna (IRSN, France)

Program Chairs:

Fausto Malvagi (CEA/DEN, France)

Fadhel Malouch (CEA/DEN, France)

Assistant Program Co-Chairs:

Thomas Miller (ORNL, USA)

Toshiya Sanami (KEK, Japan)


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