Embedded Topical Meeting

Nuclear Plant Instrumentation and Control & Human-Machine Interface Technology (NPIC&HMIT)

General Chair:

Vivek Agarwal (Idaho National Laboratory)

Embedded Topical Meeting

19th International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Analysis (PSA 2025)

PSA 2025 Call for Papers is now open!

Since 1978, the ANS biennial topical conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) has been a worldwide forum for communication of major probabilistic risk and safety topics, including issues, methods, applications, insights, policy, research, and risk-informed regulation experience. The 19th PSA meeting, sponsored by the ANS Nuclear Installations Safety Division, will highlight the role of probabilistic methods in understanding uncertainties; improving the safety and security of the current nuclear facilities; and supporting the design, licensing, operation, and other riskinformed applications of the next generation of reactors. PSA 2025 is structured to foster interaction and collaboration across topic areas, leading to increased understanding and application of PSA in all phases of nuclear power plant design and operation. The use of PSA has continually increased over the last decade with reliance on PSAs and associated risk-informed applications at its highest point in nuclear industry history. SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT

Honorary Chair:

Karl N. Fleming (KNF Consulting Services LLC)

General Chair:

Rick Grantom (CRG LLC)

Program Chair:

Dave Grabaskas (Argonne National Laboratory)