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The American Nuclear Society (ANS) is committed, in principle and in practice, to creating a diverse and welcoming environment for everyone interested in nuclear science and technology. Diversity means creating an environment – both in ANS and in the profession – in which all members are valued equitably for their skills and abilities and respected equally for their unique perspectives and experiences. Diverse backgrounds foster unique contributions and capabilities, and so creation of an inclusive Society ultimately leads to a more creative, effective, and technically respected Society.

ANS believes that everyone deserves opportunities for learning, networking, leadership, training, recognition, volunteering in Society activities, and all the other benefits that involvement in the Society brings, regardless of age, color, creed, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, marital status, military service status, national origin, parental status, physical appearance, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. The selection of a member to serve in ANS's volunteer leadership structure shall be based solely on the member's ability, interest, and commitment to serve. In particular, ANS encourages members at each level of the Society and in each Professional Division and Technical Group to make special efforts to recruit underrepresented minorities and women to ensure that they are adequately represented in the Society.

ANS is committed to encouraging underrepresented persons to enter and flourish in the field of nuclear science and technology. In fulfilling this commitment, the Diversity and Inclusion in ANS awards supplemental funding, including reimbursement of travel, hotel, and meal expenses in attending the ANS Annual Meeting in June or the ANS Winter Meeting in November. Application information will be posted prior to the next meeting.

Lane Carasik, Chair
Lisa Marshall, Vice Chair
Shirly Rodriguez, Vice Chair

Members (terms expire)

Amanda M. Bachmann(2023)
Oum Keltoum Aziza Bouhelal (2021)
Lane Carasik (2021 Price Collins (2023)
Emory Colvin (2022)
Marilyn Delgado (2022)
Julie G. Ezold (2023)
Matthew Jasica (2023)
Leslie Kerby (2021)
Kalin Kiesling (2021)
Seth Kilby (2022)
Ian Thomas Kolaja (2023)
Lisa Marshall (2021)
Arielle J. Miller (2023)
Kathryn Mummah (2021)
Leah Spradley Parks (2023)
Raul Rebak (2021)
Shirly Rodriguez (2021)
Laura Scheele (2021)
Elizabeth S Sooby (2023)
Gemma (Ira) Strong (2023)
Sola Talabi (2023)
Matthew D. Wargon (2023)
Leigh Winfrey (2021)
Fan Zhang (2023)

Ex Officio
James E. Baciak, ETWDD Chair

Staff Liaison
Daryl Rizzo

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