Approval of Proposed Standards Projects

Before work on a draft standard can begin, a Project Initiation Notification System (PINS) form must be approved and submitted to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The following projects have PINS forms in the development and/or approval process:

  • ANS-2.3, Estimating Tornado, Hurricane, and Extreme Straight-Line Wind Characteristics at Nuclear Facility Sites [revision of ANSI/ANS-2.3-2011 (R2021)]
  • ANS-2.15, Criteria for Modeling and Calculating Atmospheric Dispersion of Routine Radiological Releases from Nuclear Facilities [revision of ANSI/ANS-2.15-2013 (R2021)]

Drafts in Development

The following projects have approved PINS forms and are in development:

  • ANS-1-202x, Conduct of Critical Experiments [revision of ANSI/ANS-1-2000 (R2012)]
  • ANS-2.18-202x, Evaluating Radionuclide Transport in Surface Water for Nuclear Reactor and Nuclear Facility Sites (new standard)
  • ANS-2.22-202x, Environmental Radiological Monitoring at Operating Nuclear Facilities (new standard)
  • ANS-2.26-202x, Categorization of Nuclear Facility Structures, Systems, and Components for Seismic Design [proposed revision of ANSI/ANS-2.26-2004 (R2017)]
  • ANS-2.32-202x, “Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in the Subsurface at Nuclear Power Plants” (proposed new standard)
  • ANS-2.34-202x, Characterization and Probabilistic Analysis of Volcanic Hazards (new standard)
  • ANS-2.35-202x, Guidelines for Estimating Present & Projecting Future Socioeconomic Impacts from Construction, Operations, and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities (new standard)
  • ANS-2.36-202x, Accident Analysis for Aircraft Crash into Reactor and Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities (new standard)
  • ANS-3.5.1-202x, Nuclear Power Plant Simulators for Use in Simulation Assisted Engineering and Non- Operator Training (new standard)
  • ANS-3.11-202x, “Determining Meteorological Data for Nuclear Facilities” [revision of ANSI/ANS-3.11-2015 (R2020)]
  • ANS-3.13-202x, “Nuclear Facility Reliability Assurance Program (RAP) Development” (new standard)
  • ANS-3.15-202x, Risk-Informing Critical Digital Assets (CDAs) for Nuclear Power Plant Systems (proposed new standard)
  • ANS-6.4.2-202x, Specification for Radiation Shielding Materials for Nuclear Facilities [revision of ANSI/ANS-6.4.2-2006 (R2016)]
  • ANS-6.4.3-202x, Gamma-Ray Attenuation Coefficients & Buildup Factors for Engineering Materials [revision of ANS-6.4.3-1991 (W2001)]
  • ANS-8.1-202x, Nuclear Criticality Safety in Operations with Fissionable Materials Outside Reactors [revision of ANSI/ANS-8.1-2014 (R2018)]
  • ANS-8.12-202x, Nuclear Criticality Control and Safety of Plutonium-Uranium Fuel Mixtures Outside Reactors [revision of ANSI/ANS-8.12-1987 (R2016)]
  • ANS-8.20-202x, Nuclear Criticality Safety Training for Fissionable Materials Operations Outside Reactors [revision of ANSI/ANS-8.20-1991 (R2015)]
  • ANS-8.22-202x, Nuclear Criticality Safety Based on Limiting and Controlling Moderators [proposed revision of ANSI/ANS-8.22-1997 (R2016)]
  • ANS-8.26-202x, Criticality Safety Engineer Training and Qualification Program [revision of ANSI/ANS- 8.26-2007 (R2016)]
  • ANS-8.28-202x, Administrative Practices for the Use of Non-Destructive Assay Measurements for Nuclear Criticality Safety (new standard)
  • ANS-10.4-202x, Verification and Validation of Non-Safety-Related Scientific and Engineering Computer Programs for the Nuclear Industry [revision of ANSI/ANS-10.4-2008 (R2016)]
  • ANS-15.22-202x, Classification of Structures, Systems and Components for Research Reactors (new standard)
  • ANS-19.5-202x, Requirements for Reference Reactor Physics Measurements [new standard/supersedes ANS-19.5-1995 (W2005)]
  • ANS-19.10-202x, Methods for Determining Neutron Fluence in BWR and PWR Pressure Vessel and Internals [revision of ANSI/ANS-19.10-2009 (R2021)]
  • ANS-30.1-202x, Integrating Risk and Performance Objectives into New Reactor Nuclear Safety Designs (new guidance standard)
  • ANS-30.2-202x, Classification and Categorization of Structures, Systems, and Components for New Nuclear Power Plants (new standard)
  • ANS-55.6-202x, Liquid Radioactive Waste Processing System for Light water Reactor Plants [new standard/supersedes ANS-55.6-1993 (R2007) (W2017)]
  • ANS-56.2-202x, Containment Isolation Provisions for Fluid Systems [proposed new standard/supersedes ANS-56.2-1984 (W1999)]
  • ANS-57.2-202x, Design Requirements for Light Water Reactor Used Fuel Storage Facilities at Nuclear Power Plants [new standard/supersedes ANS-57.2-1983 (W1992)]
  • ANS-57.9-202x, Design Criteria for an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (Dry Type) [new standard/supersedes ANS-57.9-1992 (R2000)(W2010)]
  • ANS-60.1-202x, Civilian Nuclear Export Controls (new standard)

Projects at Ballot or Resolving Ballot Comments

Projects at ballot have completed drafts that have been issued for subcommittee or consensus committee ballot/concurrent public review. Before proceeding, all comments must be considered. Multiple ballots may be needed before a draft is approved. The following draft standards are in the process of approval/comment resolution:

  • ANS-8.3-202x, Criticality Accident Alarm System [revision of ANSI/ANS-8.3-1997 (R2017)]
  • ANS-8.21-202x, Use of Fixed Neutron Absorbers in Nuclear Facilities Outside Reactors [revision and consolidation of ANSI/ANS-8.21-1995 (R2019) and ANSI/ANS-8.5-1996 (R2017)]
  • ANS-19.3-202x, Steady-State Neutronics Methods for Power Reactor Analysis [revision of ANSI/ANS-19.3-2011 (R2017)]
  • ANS-19.3.4-202x, The Determination of Thermal Energy Deposition Rates in Nuclear Reactors [revision of ANSI/ANS-19.3.4-2002 (R2017)]
  • ANS-20.2-202x, Nuclear Safety Design Criteria and Functional Performance Requirements for Liquid- Fuel Molten Salt Reactor Nuclear Power Plants (new standard)
  • ANS-57.11-202x, Integrated Safety Assessments for Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities (new standard)

Recently Approved Standards

The following new or revised standards have recently received ANSI approval:

  • ANSI/ANS-2.21-2022, Criteria for Assessing Atmospheric Effects on the Ultimate Heat Sink [revision of ANSI/ANS-2.21-2012 (R2016) - available for purchase]
  • ANSI/ANS-3.14-2021, Process for Aging Management and Life Extension of Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities (new standard - available for purchase)
  • ANSI/ANS-8.7-2022, Nuclear Criticality Safety in the Storage of Fissile Materials [revision of ANSI/ANS-8.7- 1998 (R2017) - available for purchase]
  • ANSI/ANS-30.3-202x, Light-Water Reactor Risk-Informed Performance-Based Design (new standard - available for purchase)
  • ANSI/ANS-55.1-2021, Solid Radioactive Waste Processing System for Light-Water-Cooled Reactor Plants [revision of ANSI/ANS-55.1-1992 (R2017) - available for purchase]
  • ANSI/ASME/ANS RA-S-1.1-2022, Standard for Level 1/Large Early Release Frequency Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plant Applications [revision of ANSI/ASME/ANS RA-S-1.1-2008 (R2019) - available for purchase]
  • ANSI/ASME/ANS RA-S-1.4-2021, Probabilistic Risk Assessment Standard for Advanced Non-Light Water Reactor Nuclear Power Plants (new standard - available for purchase)

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