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Information Center On Nuclear Standards (ICONS)

The American Nuclear Society ICONS Program furnishes you with everything you need for a current standards library:

Standards Set
You receive all approved standards on our current sales list - a $9000+ value! We will also send you a copy of every new and revised standard published during your membership.

Nuclear Standards News
This up-to-date, bi-monthly newsletter is devoted solely to key events and issues in the nuclear standards field. Electronic access of the newsletter available with completion of ICONS Electronic Subscription Agreement.

Nuclear News
The Society's monthly magazine brings you the latest news and groundbreaking developments in the nuclear industry.

ANS News
This bi-monthly newsletter covers all ANS membership activities. Electronic access of this newsletter available with completion of the ICONS Electronic Subscription Agreement.

You have the opportunity to receive complimentary drafts of standards to review and comment.

Best of all, you get a 10% membership discount on all ANS book orders and additional copies of standards.

You can download the ICONS Membership Application in Adobe Acrobat  (PDF) format.

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