Individual Memberships

Established Member: $170* (Age 36 and over)

Young Member: $125* (Age 35 and under, or five years or less since graduation)

Emeritus: $125* (10+ years membership, age 60 and over, and retired)

Student Membership

Active undergraduate or graduate student: $35

Must be enrolled at the college or university level.

Individual Membership Renewal

Renew your ANS membership for 2021!

Organizational Membership

Membership cost dependent on number of employees involved in nuclear activities: From $500 - $8,000*

* Plus Entrance Fee: An entrance fee of $25 is required of all new members, as well as memberships that have lapsed longer than two years (reinstatements). Members who renew their memberships within a two-year time period are considered renewals. No Entrance Fee is charged to Students, Lifetime Members, Organization Members, or renewals.

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