The recent acceleration in advanced reactor licensing efforts, both for non-light water designs (e.g., Aurora, Hermes, Natrium, Xe-100, eVinci) and for light water designs (e.g., NuScale, BWRX-300, SMR-160), will naturally result in new and interesting safety-related research. This conference provides the advanced nuclear industry a venue to share their safety approaches and research. The Advanced Reactor Safety (ARS) conference, formerly entitled the International Topical Meeting on Advanced Reactor Safety and first held in 1994, is one of two conferences the Nuclear Installations Safety Division (NISD) has historically sponsored to support information sharing and networking across the safety community. ARS 2024 will be of interest to those working in both deterministic and probabilistic safety approaches for various applications. The meeting welcomes the submission of full-length technical papers, which will be peer reviewed and published as conference proceedings.


ChairDennis Henneke (General Electric Hitachi)

Program Chair
Matthew Denman (Kairos Power)

International Chair
Aslak Stubsgaard (Copenhagen Atomics)

Publications Chair
Mihai A. Diaconeasa (North Carolina State University)

Technical Sessions