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October 3, 2022

At a Crossroads: America's Clean Energy Workforce

10:00–11:00AM (11:00AM–12:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

Hear from industry experts on the future of clean energy jobs within the nuclear industry and innovations driving the next-generation workforce forward. Read more...

September 22, 2022

Nuclear Mythbusting Pitch Competition

6:00–7:30PM (7:00–8:30PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

The ANS Young Members Group is hosting a light-hearted pitch competition social to kick off the new academic year. Read more...

August 26, 2022

Inflation Reduction Act: What's in it for nuclear?

12:00–1:00PM (1:00–2:00PM EDT)

MembersANS Members Only

Join us for a members-only panel discussion that will explore what the Inflation Reduction Act will mean for existing nuclear power plants, the deployment of advanced reactors, the production of high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU), hydrogen, and much more. Read more...

August 4, 2022

The New Space Race is Going Nuclear

12:00–1:00PM (1:00–2:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

As federal funding is being applied to nuclear projects for various space-based applications and opportunities, an expert panel will discuss how nuclear companies and researchers are poised to capitalize. Read more...

July 20, 2022

Utility Working Conference Preview

11:00AM–12:00PM (12:00–1:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

Join us for a special preview event highlighting the topics that will be discussed during next month's Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo. Read more...

July 15, 2022

High Expectations for the Future of Low-Dose Radiation Research

11:00AM–12:00PM (12:00–1:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

A panel of federal policy and science experts will discuss what the future of low-dose radiation research may hold, including the impact of the recent National Academy of Sciences Study. Read more...

June 8, 2022

What Really Happened at Three Mile Island?

11:00AM–12:00PM (12:00–1:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

Join us for a special members-only conversation on the Netflix series, "Meltdown: Three Mile Island." ANS Executive Director / CEO Craig Piercy will talk to Lake Barrett to hear his perspective on the series and will discuss what really happened at Three Mile Island. Read more...

May 27, 2022

Spotlight on Nuclear Careers: Energy

12:15–12:45PM (1:15–1:45PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

ANS's Young Members Group presents an informal chat with Sarah Lynn Camba, engineering manager at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, TX. Read more...

May 25, 2022

Practical Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics: Turbulence Modeling and Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes

11:00AM–12:30PM (12:00–1:30PM EDT)

MembersANS Members Only

In the first of a four-part series on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we will cover Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes or RANS turbulence models, which are currently the workhorse of CFD in industry. Read more...

May 24, 2022

Annual Meeting Preview: Getting Back To What We Do Best

1:00–2:00PM (2:00–3:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

Hear from organizers of the 2022 ANS Annual Meeting and get a glimpse of the topics that will be discussed and learn how you can get the most out of the upcoming conference. Read more...

April 29, 2022

Nek5000: Introduction and Quick Start Tutorial

10:00–11:30AM (11:00AM–12:30PM EDT)

MembersANS Members Only

Join the ANS Thermal Hydraulics Division for a tutorial on Nek5000, an open-source, highly scalable, high-order, spectral-element-based computational fluid dynamics code. Read more...

April 27, 2022

Budgeting for the Future of Nuclear

2:00–3:00PM (3:00–4:00PM EDT)

MembersANS Members Only

Join ANS as representatives from the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy offer perspectives on what the proposed FY23 budget means for the future of many important nuclear energy programs and initiatives. Read more...

April 26, 2022

A Reactor Physicist’s Explanation of Chernobyl

12:00–1:30PM (1:00–2:30PM EDT)

MembersANS Members Only

The ANS Reactor Physics Division invites you to join us to hear insight from Christopher Perfetti on the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Read more...

April 22, 2022

Earth Day: Reflections on the Future of Clean Energy

10:00–11:00AM (11:00AM–12:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

Hear from representatives from the energy, industrial, and transportation sectors as they discuss how their industries will need to adapt emissions-free options on a scale never seen before. Read more...

March 23, 2022

Spent Nuclear Fuel Management: Wasting Away or Chance for Progress?

12:00–1:00PM (1:00–2:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

A panel of experts discussed where and how progress can and is being made as well as what more is needed to address spent nuclear fuel management in the U.S. Read more...

March 16, 2022

Securing a Strong Workforce for the Next Generation of Reactors

11:30AM–1:00PM (12:30–2:00PM EDT)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

ANS's Education, Training & Workforce Development Division presented a discussion of workforce needs demanded for next generation reactor implementation. Panelists provided perspectives on what academia, industry, and government are doing to prepare the future nuclear workforce for the construction and operation of next generation reactors planned to be built in the late 2020s and early 2030s. Read more...

March 11, 2022

High-Assay Low Enriched Uranium: Fueling Nuclear Energy’s Future

9:00–10:00AM (10:00–11:00AM EST)

MembersANS Members Only

Our expert panel discussed securing high-assay low enriched uranium for the future. Read more...

March 3, 2022

Spotlight on Universities

Virginia Commonwealth University

12:00–1:30PM (1:00–2:30PM EST)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

Join the ANS Young Members Group as we host the faculty and staff of Virginia Commonwealth University on to discuss their program and the research they are doing to further nuclear energy. Read more...

February 25, 2022

ANS Young Members Group Spotlight on Nuclear Careers

Spotlight on Nuclear Careers: New Nuclear Technologies

12:15AM–12:45PM (1:15AM–1:45PM EST)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

ANS's Young Members Group shines the spotlight on careers in new nuclear technologies. In this webinar, Marci Shelton, senior nuclear engineer at SHINE Technologies LLC, where she works on production of radioisotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in medicine, talked about her current and previous positions. Read more...

February 24, 2022

Perspectives from Past NRC Chairs

12:00–1:00PM (1:00–2:00PM EST)

All UsersAvailable to All Users

A panel of past chairs of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission offered perspectives of their time with the NRC, the current challenges faced by the commission, and what the future holds for the NRC and nuclear technology. Read more...

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