This international conference is organized by the Pacific Nuclear Council (PNC)and is focused on areas of nuclear energy, engineering and science and policy issues that accompany nuclear energy programs throughout the Pacific Rim, including achieving net-zero goals with nuclear.

Honorary Chair: Dr. John Wagner, Laboratory Director (Idaho National Laboratory)

General Chair: Dr. Corey McDaniel, PNC President (Kiewit Nuclear Solutions)

The Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference is a broad-based, international conference focused on areas of nuclear technology, engineering and science, and policy issues that accompany nuclear energy programs throughout the Pacific Rim. The meeting is sponsored by the Pacific Nuclear Council (PNC) and American Nuclear Society (ANS). The first meeting was held in 1976 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Subsequent meetings have been held about every two years under the joint sponsorship of the Pacific Nuclear Council (PNC) and a sponsoring PNC Member Society. The conferences have played a vital role in providing for discussion and information relating to both research and development and to the implementation of nuclear energy technology in the Pacific Basin. The Pacific Nuclear Council is composed primarily of nuclear societies and associations from nations around the Pacific Rim. The council exists to share information and best practices on the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Today, the council has working groups and task forces addressing waste management, advanced reactors, standards and public information programs. The council also co-sponsors the biennial Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference.

PBNC Tracks for 2024:

  1. Nuclear Enabling Net-Zero: A Path to Achieving Sustainability
  2. Engaging Communities for a Sustainable Nuclear Future
  3. Economics of Nuclear Energy in the Net-Zero Era
  4. Advancing Sustainability through Modeling, Simulation, AI, and Machine Learning
  5. Supply Chain Resilience: From HALEU to Net-Zero Solutions
  6. Ensuring Safety, Security, and Regulatory Compliance in a Net-Zero World
  7. Innovations in Advanced Reactors for Sustainable Energy Generation
  8. Fuel Cycle Strategies for Enhanced Performance
  9. Efficient Operations and Maintenance in Support
  10. Sustainable Approaches to Waste Management, Spent Fuel, and Decommissioning
  11. Fusion Energy Development Enabling Sustainable Power Generation

Calling all Authors!

There are two options for submittal, using the Electronic Paper Submission and Review (EPSR) system:

  • Full Paper/Standard-Length Presentation Option
    Submit a full paper. If accepted, you will provide a standard-length presentation at the conference. Full papers should be a maximum of 10 pages; references and acknowledgements are counted as pages. You will not submit an abstract first.
  • Abstract/Lightning Talk Option
    Submit a 1-page abstract only. If accepted, you will provide a brief 5-minute Lightning Talk at the conference. For this option, you will not submit a full paper later.

Use the provided templates to submit abstracts and papers.

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