Our Mission

To empower a strong, connected, and engaged professional community that cultivates nuclear science and technology for the benefit of humanity.

Our Vision

A world that unlocks the full potential of the atom to improve human lives and preserve our planet.

Guiding Principles

To successfully achieve our Mission and Objectives, support the effective execution of the Strategies under this Plan, and strengthen the Society, the following key ANS Priorities are defined:

  1. Be in Demand. The products, services, publications, events, and insights of ANS provide significant benefits to members and stakeholders. We desire for members and others to seek out ANS because of our value and their interest to contribute to our mutual cause.
  1. Be Influential. Nuclear technology is critical to our society and provides numerous important benefits. We desire for ANS advocacy efforts to always be increasing in effectiveness and increasing in impact with all key stakeholders.
  1. Be Insightful. The world is evolving around us and the needs and desires of our members are changing as well. We desire for ANS to make decisions and take action in ways that anticipate needs and opportunities, as well as for our products and services to influence and evolve with the society around us.
  1. Be 1ANS. The nuclear community is comprised of professionals from diverse sectors, interests, backgrounds, and experience. ANS is strongest and most effective when that diversity is leveraged as an asset to create and lead a collaborative, single Society for the benefit of all the members. We desire to achieve 1ANS.

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Statement on Diversity

The American Nuclear Society is committed, in principle and in practice, to creating a diverse and welcoming environment for everyone interested in nuclear science and technology. Diversity means creating an environment – both in ANS and in the profession – in which all members are valued equitably for their skills and abilities and respected equally for their unique perspectives and experiences. Diverse backgrounds foster unique contributions and capabilities, and so creation of an inclusive Society ultimately leads to a more creative, effective, and technically respected Society.

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