We look forward to hosting NETS in May 2024! The venue for this conference is Santa Fe, the state capital of New Mexico, home to several laboratories with key roles in space nuclear power. Santa Fe is a city of ~90,000 people in Northern New Mexico located about 64 miles north of Albuquerque, the largest city of the state. Airports exist in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque for ease of travel. NETS 2024 will offer a variety of topics in space power. The first plenary session will be devoted to overall space nuclear power missions ranging from nuclear thermal propulsion to radioisotope power systems. The second plenary will give a New Mexico-centric focus with the Air Force Research Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories capabilities. The final plenary session will focus on the host laboratory, Los Alamos, and relevant history and facilities for space nuclear power missions. For those who wish to come early or stay an extra day or two to explore New Mexican culture, there are historical museums, national parks, and other tourist attractions around the area.