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PE Nuclear Exam Preparation Module Program

The PE Nuclear Exam Preparation Module Program is a video-based preparation tool aimed at those studying to take the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam in Nuclear Engineering. The modules are instructional with occasional worked example problems, and an overview of each module's contents is given as a list of Learning Objectives at the end of the video.

ANS Magazines

Both print and/or digital subscriptions are available. Your print subscription INCLUDES online access for an unlimited IP Range of desktop users at your company, laboratory, or academic institution. Archived issues are fully searchable by title, topic, or author.

Published since 1959, Nuclear News is recognized worldwide as the flagship publication serving this important segment of the power industry. This monthly magazine reports on the latest developments in the nuclear field, a large part of which concerns nuclear energy–in particular, the 543 power reactors that are in operation or forthcoming throughout 36 countries. News reports cover plant operations, maintenance, security, international developments, waste management, fuel, and industry.

All past issues from 2008 to present are archived online. These issues are fully searchable by title, topic, or author.

Radwaste Solutions is a specialty magazine providing dedicated coverage of the waste management, decommissioning, and environmental remediation segments of the nuclear industry. Articles discuss the generation, handling, treatment, cleanup, transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive waste.

All past issues from 1994 to present are archived online. These issues are fully searchable by title, topic, or author.

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