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Supplier Profile

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division, Scientech

1350 Whitewater Dr.

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Certifications: ASME Stamps/Symbols - CSA and TSSA

Alarm Status Reporting & Control Systems




Computer Services:

Computer Software:

Computers & Accessories:


Data Acquisition/Handling Systems:

Drafting Services:

Electrical Distribution & Control Equipment:

Equipment Exchanges

Equipment Sales, Surplus

Filter Handling/Transfer Systems

Fuel Element Consolidation (Spent Fuel):

Fuel Handling Equipment & Systems:

Fuel Management Services


Information Services

Isolators, Electronic Signal

Maintenance & Repair Services:

Mockup Design & Fabrication:

Monitors, Other Than Radiation:


Operating Experience Information Services

Penetrations, Containment:

Piping Systems:


Power Supplies:

Quality Assurance Services:

Racks, Fuel Storage:

Radiation Monitoring Services:

Reactor Instrumentation & Monitoring Systems:

Reactor Safety Research

Reactor Service Tools & Devices:

Records Management Systems:

Refueling Services

Remote Control, Handling & Positioning Devices & Sys.:

Research Services, Nuclear

Sampling Systems Services


Security Services:

Security Systems & Devices:

Seismic Instrumentation & Testing

Shielding Design, Radiation

Shielding Materials, Radiation:

Simulators, Power Plant & Reactor

Solid Waste Reduction Equipment & Tools, Radioactive:

Spare & Replacement Parts (Secondary Sources)

Startup Services

Steam Generator Maintenance & Repair:

Storage Services:

Storage Systems, Spent-Fuel:

Tensioners, Stud, Hydraulic

Testing Services:



Work Platforms: