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Supplier Profile

Sargent & Lundy

55 E. Monroe St.

Chicago, IL 60603-5780

Certifications: Sargent & Lundy's companywide Quality Management Program is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Sargent & Lundy's Nuclear Quality Assurance Program is maintained as a Topical Report that is approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It meets Appendix B and NQA-1 requirements and also conforms to the requirements of ASME NQA-1.



Computer & Cyber Security

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Air Cleaning, Filtration, Chemical Process Design, Coatings/Corrosion, Component/System Design & Analysis, Computer Systems & Software, Configuration Control, Contract Administration, Cranes & Hoists, Criticality Hazard Evaluation, Decontamination, Decommissioning, Design, Nuclear Facilities, Earth Science Services, Economic Analysis, Trade-off Studies, Emergency Planning & Response, Environmental, Equipment Condition Monitoring, Fire Protection, Fuel Transport/Storage, Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow, Human Factors Engineering, Hydraulics, Hydrodynamics, Independent Project Reviews, Instrumentation & Electrical, Inventory Management, License Renewal, Licensing, Lightning Protection, Maintenance, Management Audit, Management Information & Control Systems, Meteorology, Noise Abatement, Operations Analysis & Procedures Preparation, Outage Management, Performance Measurement, Piping, Plant Life Extension, Plant Performance, Preventive Maintenance, Procurement Support, Project Planning & Management, Prudence Studies, Qualification, Commercial Grade (Dedication), Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Radiation Management, Radiological Engineering, Records Management Systems, Regulatory Compliance, Reliability, Risk Analysis, Safety, Nuclear, Safety, Plant, Safety, Reactor, Security, Seismic, Shielding, Simulation Services, Siting, Spare Parts Systems, System Engineering-Requirements Analysis, Systems Testing, Training Evaluation, Management, Trend Analysis & Corrective Action Programs, Waste Management, Water Treatment

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Shielding Design, Radiation

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Water Quality Management Services