We in the American Nuclear Society and Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign eagerly look forward to welcoming students, professionals, and the future leaders in nuclear science and technology at the 2022 ANS Student Conference.

Our theme is: Saving the World One Atom at a Time. This theme reflects the important role the nuclear sciences will play in solving many of the world’s grand challenges. It also recognizes the atomic contributions we all make every day. Together, these contributions form the foundations of solutions to these grand challenges. It celebrates the people that make science possible by acknowledging that we come to this conference from an infinitude of backgrounds and experiences. It encourages us to widen our circles and include scientists and engineers with a diversity of thoughts. Finally, it inspires us to be active participants in the solutions to the world’s problems.

This year, our planning committee is hosting Fall semester information sessions with student sections to give them the ins and outs of attending our in-person conference. If your section would like to set up a session, contact our Technical Co-Chair Jeremy Mettler at jmettle2@illinois.edu.