Embedded Topical Meeting

Advances in Thermal Hydraulics (ATH 2022)

General Chairs:

Chul-Hwa Song (KAERI)

Xiaodong Sun (University of Michigan)

Program Chairs:

William D. Pointer (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Dirk Lucas (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf)

Embedded Topical Meeting

Nuclear Criticality Safety Division Topical Meeting (NCSD 2022)

General Chair:

Catherine Percher (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

General Cochair:

Theresa Cutler (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Program Chair:

John Bess (Idaho National Laboratory)

Embedded Topical Meeting

Technology of Fusion Energy (TOFE)

General Chair:

Ales Necas (TAE Technologies Inc)

Technical Program Chair:

Paul Humrickhouse (INL)