Session Organizers: Yeon Sang Jung / Shikhar Kumar (ANL)

Namjae Choi (INL)

Cost: $49 (SOLD OUT)

Maximum Attendance: 40

The objective of the Griffin workshop at the ICAPP/ANS conference is to offer participants an introduction and comprehensive understanding of advanced reactor simulation capabilities in Griffin. The workshop will primarily focus on fast reactor applications but will also briefly introduce applications to other reactor types. It is a 4-hr-long session that will include an overview of Griffin's methodologies, benchmark solutions, cross-section generation workflow, reference core calculations, and fuel cycle calculation using typical benchmark problems. Griffin/SAM multiphysics steady-state and transient calculations will be included as well. The session will also feature a hands-on exercise, allowing participants to engage with a small core example. The exercise will cover key aspects such as cross-section generation, core input generation, reference core calculation, and fuel cycle calculation. This interactive workshop aims to enhance participants' proficiency in utilizing Griffin for reactor simulations. While focusing on the fast reactor capabilities of Griffin, the workshop should be interesting to general users who want to explore cross-section generation and fuel cycle calculation capabilities of Griffin as well. This workshop requires participants to complete a quick code access licensing process beforehand.


  • Advanced modeling and simulation for advanced reactors using Griffin – overview, methodology, benchmark results - focusing on fast reactors.
  • Cross-section generation, steady-state reference core calculation.
  • Fuel cycle calculation.
  • Multiphysics simulation using Griffin/SAM for steady-state and transient conditions.

The workshop will use the resources of the INL High Performance Computing (HPC) center. Participants can either apply for: A) an INL HPC account and code licenses directly via ( or B) temporary INL HPC account and temporary access to the codes. Either way, details on the INL’s Nuclear Computational Resource Center training signup process will be shared with registered participants. Participants must bring their own laptops in order to run hands-on exercises. Details on the process will be shared with registered participants. Note the following cutoffs required for INL HPC account and license applications:

Cutoff for U.S.A. nationals INL HPC account and licenses is June 10, 2024.

Cutoff for foreign nationals INL HPC account and licenses is May 8, 2024.