Women in Fusion (WiF) was formed in 2022 as a follow-up action after the 2021 IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, with a vision of making fusion a fully inclusive field and with a focus on gender equity. Improving gender equity in Science and Technology is a critical and growing challenge. In particular, women’s representation in fusion energy is quite low. The estimated range is from 15-20% on a global scale, which is even lower than the average of the S&T field.

Fusion can offer clean, safe, and limitless energy, making it a powerful tool against climate change. Recreating the process that powers the stars depends on mobilizing resources through global partnerships and collaboration. Therefore, we need to ensure that all individuals can contribute to making fusion a reality. WiF aims to ensure that fusion can fully benefit from the perspectives, talent, skills, and intellect of women around the world.



“Creating an Inclusive Fusion Workforce”


  • Setting up successful support structure for career development
  • Networking and networking tools for women
  • Creating a safe and friendly work environment for everyone
  • Elements for success for women in fusion
  • How to grow credibility in the fusion community as a new/young scientist or new research lead


  • Susana Reyes (Moderator): VP, Chamber and Plant, Xcimer Energy
  • Alison Christopherson (Panelist): Head of Target Design, Xcimer Energy 
  • Sehila Gonzalez (Panelist): Global Director, Fusion Energy at Clean Air Task Force 
  • Camille Bibeau (Panelist): Executive Director, Partnerships and Outreach, University of California Office of the President 
  • Steffi Diem (Panelist): Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics