Cost: $25 (Transporation will be provided)


Pegasus-III Fusion Experiment

The Pegasus program focuses on the unique features of an extremely low aspect ratio spherical tokamak (ST) that enable world-relevant fusion studies in a university-based experiment. The present program mission is to compare, contrast, and develop solenoid-free startup and possibly sustainment techniques for next-step fusion energy systems.


Helically Symmetric eXperiment (HSX)

The Helically Symmetric eXperiment (HSX) is an optimized stellarator operated by the College of Engineering at UW-Madison. 3D shaped coils are arranged in a torus-like configuration to produce a 1Tesla magnetic field that confines high temperatures plasma with temperatures higher than 10 Million degree C. The goal of the experiment is to contribute to the physics basis of a future power plant which produces energy by fusing Hydrogen isotopes to Helium.

Bus will depart sharply at 1pm from the hotel and return back to the hotel around 4pm.  Wear comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking.