Cost: $35 (Transportation and lunch will be provided)

*Order of facilities below may vary. 

Bus leaves8:00 AM
Phoenix tour8:20-9:20 AMSHINE Manufacturing & R&D Facility
SHINE's manufacturing and R&D site for fusion neutron sources and related accelerator systems. There are multiple fusion neutron sources in various states of assembly and testing. This site is the former headquarters of Phoenix Nuclear Labs.
Tour of WHAM9:35-10:35 AMWisconsin HTS Axisymmetric Mirror
The Wisconsin HTS Axisymmetric Mirror is an ARPA-E funded project located at the Physical Sciences Laboratory of UW Madison. The device uses a pair of 17 T superconducting magnets supplied by Common Fusion Systems, and has three major heating systems: neutral beam injection, radiofrequency heating, and electron cyclotron heating.
Lunch / Cassie tour11:20 AM-12:20 PMCassiopeia Facility (SHINE)
Largest facility in North America dedicated to the production of non-carrier-added lutetium-177, a medical isotope used in targeted cancer therapies. The facility has an initial production capacity of 100,000 doses of Lu-177 per year. Yb-176 targets are manufactured at this, irradiated externally, and the resultant Lu-177 is chemically separated and purified for radiopharmaceutical customers.
Tour Chrysalis12:20-1:30 PMChrysalis Facility (SHINE)
This facility is currently being constructed, but it will ultimately house 8 fusion neutron sources, each of which will drive an aqueous subcritical fission assembly. After irradiation, short lived fission products, such as Mo-99, will be chemically isolated from the uranium solution.
Travel to Madison1:30-2:30 PM