Digital Lesson Plans

Instructional Video

Video | 10 Minutes

Watch as Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar, Immediate Past President of the American Nuclear Society and Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Idaho State University, demonstrates ways to make this digital lesson bundle even more tangible and engaging for student scientists!

Realities of Radiation

Lesson Bundle | 45 Minutes

In this digital lesson bundle, students will investigate the various types of radiation and the role that each plays in our lives. Students will discover how wave and particle radiation differ and what ionizing radiation is. They will learn about the radioactive decay of isotopes and use this information to balance nuclear decay equations.

Planting the “Seeds” for a Better Future for Cancer Patients

Educator Lesson Plan | 45 Minutes

In this activity, students will summarize the unique characteristics of radiation and how it is used to treat cancer through a Think-Pair-Share activity.

Unlocking Energy: Fission vs. Fusion

Educator Lesson Plan | 45 Minutes

In this activity, students will be introduced to the concepts of mass defect and nuclear binding energy. They will explore the idea of nuclear binding energies in the context of fusion as they calculate the amount of energy released in a fusion reaction using Einstein’s published E=mc2 equation.

Decoding Decay

Lesson Bundle | 45 Minutes

Students will learn to use the periodic table as a tool to predict a nuclide’s properties. After a quick vocabulary refresher, students will engage in an interactive “Heads Up” game, working in groups to use the periodic table to correctly guess the term shown on a card.

Fueling the Future

Educator Lesson Plan | 45 Minutes

Students first will watch a video explaining fission and fusion. Then, students will apply their knowledge of fission and fusion as they engage in a kinesthetic “Four Corners” activity, voting with their feet as they compare fission and fusion.

STEM Project Starters

Decay Detectives: Art Forgery or Masterpiece?

How does radiocarbon dating help detect art forgeries?

In this activity, students will investigate radioactive decay, half-life, and the process of radiocarbon dating.

Exploring the Present and Future of Radioactive Decay

How are radioactive isotopes used in nuclear batteries?

Students will compare and contrast different types of nuclear processes and design a future prototype for a small-scale nuclear battery that will address one of three design problems.

Making Mosquitoes SIT!

How can radiation solve problems and benefit humans?

In this lesson, students will be introduced to how radiation, such as gamma radiation, can be used to help solve problems by examining the quest to eradicate Aedes mosquitoes using the Sterile Insect Technique: (SIT).

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