Nuclear Frontiers

Inspire students to explore the possibilities of nuclear technology on Earth before planning their own colony on the moon. Along the way, students will meet a variety of stellar special guests who share their out-of-this-world experiences. Targeted to grades 3-5, but engaging for all ages.

Set the stage for learning with standards-aligned activities in our companion guide.

Nuclear Reimagined—Idaho National Laboratory

Journey to the leading nuclear research facility in the country, Idaho National Laboratory. Step inside a nuclear reactor, explore unexpected careers in nuclear science and see what the future may hold thanks to advances in nuclear capabilities. Targeted to high school students, this VFT is also appropriate for middle school student career exploration.

Activities in our companion guide encourage students to see themselves in nuclear careers.

Behind the Scenes at Palo Verde Generating Station

Join us as we go behind the scenes at the Palo Verde Generating Station, the largest power plant in the United States. See how nuclear technologies are helping to develop more environmentally-friendly electrical power! Targeted to middle school students, this VFT can also be used to learn how nuclear power plants work in all grade bands.

Prepare your students with our standards-aligned companion activities to extend the learning from the Virtual Field Trip to the classroom. Further your students' interest through in-depth conversation and hands-on activity.

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