Designed specifically for the needs of educators in and out of the classroom, the ANS Cloud Chamber Kit includes materials to build four cloud chambers. The only things the educator needs to provide are rubbing alcohol (91% for best results) and dry ice.

Also included are an illustrated step-by-step manual for setting up and using the cloud chambers and a classroom poster to help students identify the types of radiation they may observe.

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Use the following resources in explorations and investigations with the Visualizing Radiation Cloud Chamber Kit.

PowerPoint Presentation

ANS Visualizing Radiation with Cloud Chambers.pptx


Health Physics Society Guidance for the Use of Exempt Quantities of Radioactive Materials in the Secondary School
Provide a copy of this handout to event organizers for their use and information.

Centers for Disease Control Safe Handling of Dry Ice
Use this handout for guidance in handling dry ice and provide a copy to event organizers.

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