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See It, Be It: Exploring Options In Nuclear Careers

The path to a career in nuclear isn’t a straight line. In fact, there are many paths leading in a wide range of directions. Made possible in part by a generous grant from Constellation, See It, Be It presents a series of webinars featuring real people talking about their careers in nuclear science and technology. Technicians, engineers, sailors, researchers, and more allow students to see what they could be in a nuclear career.

See It, Be It: Sail Into a Career in Nuclear!
Military service can provide a proven pathway to careers in nuclear science and technology. This event featured speakers with diverse backgrounds talking about their career goals and United States Navy experience.

See It, Be It: Pathways to Nuclear Careers
In this webinar, the first in the See It, Be It series, an expert panel including representatives from government, corporate, and military organizations provides an overview of the range of careers offered in nuclear science and technology.

Spotlight on Nuclear Careers

ANS's Young Members Group presents interviews with nuclear researchers and professionals making a positive impact on the world.

Life Sciences

Nuclear science is providing unique solutions to problems in life sciences including medicine and agriculture. Hear Katherina Stapelmann, assistant professor of nuclear engineering at North Carolina State University, discuss her research with plasmas and career in nuclear.

New Nuclear Technologies

Marci Shelton, a senior nuclear engineer at SHINE Technologies LLC. Shelton currently works on the production of radioisotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in medicine, such as cancer therapy and imaging. She talked about her work with SHINE as well as her background in the nuclear industry.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is an exciting field helping create clean, reliable power. Sarah Camba Lynn, an engineering manager at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, TX, talks about her work in nuclear energy.

Deep Space

Patrick McClure, Chief Operating Officer of Space Nuclear Power Group (SpaceNukes), developers of solutions for the future of space exploration and colonization, chats about his experience in space nuclear science at Los Alamos National Laboratory and in private industry.

Career Profiles

Radiochemist, Fuels Reliability Engineer, Professor...these are just a few of the titles that represent unexpected pathways and disciplines you might not think of when you think nuclear science. Read about what it's like to keep the nation's nuclear materials safe, develop medical breakthroughs, and help generate clean energy.

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