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Coupling of OpenFOAM Stress Analysis Solver and ANLHTP for Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of a Heat Pipe Cooled Micro Reactor Core

Myung Jin Jeong (Seoul National University), San Lee (Seoul National University), Hyoung Kyu Cho (Seoul National University), Yeon Sang Jung (Argonne National Laboratory), Changho Lee (Argonne National Laboratory)

Preliminary Fuel Performance and Thermal Hydraulic Modeling of the MPCMIV Benchmark

Travis C. Mui (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), Tomasz Kozlowski (University of Illinois)

Coupled Multiphysics Simulation of Pool-Type Molten Salt Reactors Using Griffin/Pronghorn

Paolo Balestra (Idaho National Laboratory), Abdalla Abou-Jaoude (Idaho National Laboratory), Sebastian Schunert (Idaho National Laboratory), Andrew Hermosillo (TAMU), Yaqi Wang (Idaho National Laboratory), Nicolas P. Martin (Idaho National Laboratory)

Multiphysics Modeling of an Annular Linear Induction Pump

Mohammed K. Shutayfi (North Carolina State University), Anant Raj (North Carolina State University), Steven Shannon (North Carolina State University), Jacob Eapen (North Carolina State University)

Anubis: A Neutronics-Thermal Hydraulics Coupling Platform for Flow Accelerated Corrosion Modeling in Reactor Conditions

Khaled Talaat (University of New Mexico), Osman Anderoglu (University of New Mexico), Cetin Unal (Los Alamos National Laboratory)


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