Opening Plenary Awards


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Dr. David L. Aumiller


For innovative and significant contributions in the development, verification, qualification, and application of advanced nuclear reactor safety analysis methods and codes; increased fundamental knowledge of thermal hydraulic processes; and the development of advanced code coupling methodologies.

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Dr. J. Rory Kennedy

Idaho National Laboratory

For transforming the way research and development for nuclear fuels and materials is conducted. His influence, leadership, and tireless advocacy for researchers have significantly impacted the global nuclear energy enterprise.

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Dr. Karen Vierow Kirkland

Texas A&M University

For significant research contributions in two-phase flow, condensation heat transfer, and severe accident phenomena in nuclear reactors to improve understanding of nuclear reactor performance, reactor safety, and severe accident management strategies, along with education and professional mentoring of university students.

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Dr. David J. Kropaczek

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For innovative development and application of computational methods to solve nuclear fuel cycle optimization problems for pressurized and boiling water reactor systems, including first-of-a-kind application of large-scale combinatorial optimization techniques related to design of fuel assemblies, core loading patterns, operating strategies, and multi-cycle planning.

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Ms. Evelyn M. Mullen PE

Los Alamos National Laboratory

For ensuring the nation’s Criticality Experimental capability and for leadership in the field of nuclear national security.

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Prof. Lin Shao

Texas A&M University

For his contributions in understanding fundamental radiation materials science and in developing accelerator ion beam techniques and the contributions as an educator and mentor to nuclear engineering students.

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Dr. Michael L. Zerkle

Naval Nuclear Laboratory

In recognition of distinguished and influential original research, advocacy, and scientific contributions in:

  1. Development of specialized reactor physics methods incorporated into advanced reactor design
  2. Meticulous and expert validation of national nuclear data libraries
  3. Development of innovative thermal neutron scattering evaluation methods for advanced moderators using first-principles atomistic modeling.

Seaborg Medal

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Prof. Michael Z. Podowski

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

For long-time leadership and outstanding scientific and engineering research achievements to advance safety and efficiency of nuclear energy generation worldwide.

E. Gail de Planque Medal

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Ms. Kliss McNeel

Fluor Idaho

For inspirational vision and outstanding leadership in creating ESH&Q and assurance programs integral to the safe and environmentally protective cleanup of national and international nuclear-legacy projects.

Mary Jane Oestmann Professional Women’s Achievement Award

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Dr. Maria Okuniewski

Purdue University

For her dedication to nuclear materials research and the education and professional development of young researchers in the field of nuclear materials science and engineering.

Landis Public Communication & Education Award

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Mr. William G. Wabbersen, Jr.

National Nuclear Security Administration

For his origination and development of cross-cutting, innovative educational tools to introduce nuclear science concepts to tens of thousands of students of every age, through the Interactive Nucleus Display (2010), the ANS Isotope Discovery kit (2013), and culminating in the Isotopes App (2020).

Young Members Advancement Award (YMG)

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Ms. Lisa Marshall

North Carolina State University

For her significant contributions in advancing student and young members through her dedication, service, and leadership.

Young Member Excellence Award (YMG)

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Mr. Tim Crook

MCR Performance Solutions, LLC


Mr. Matthew D. Wargon

TerraPower, LLC

Tim and Matt embody the ANS YMG Excellence Award with their tireless efforts in enabling young and student members toward nuclear science, engineering, and technology.

ANS President’s Special Session Awards

Presidential Citations

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Chairman Kristine L. Svinicki

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

For demonstrated leadership in transforming the Nuclear Regulatory Commission during the on-going COVID-19 Public Health Emergency into a global leader in demonstrating adaptive, flexible, and innovative approaches to nuclear regulation without compromise to safety.

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Leah Spradley Parks

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

For outstanding leadership and efforts in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within the nuclear community.

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Prof. Dan Gabriel Cacuci

University of South Carolina

For over thirty years of dedicated leadership and service as the Editor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Nuclear Society from 1986 through 2019.

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Hon. Rita Baranwal, PhD.

Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy

U.S. Department of Energy

For the vision and leadership to drive the transformation of nuclear science and energy programs, especially the demonstration and deployment of advanced U.S. reactors, and dedication to public service and unwavering commitment to the use of nuclear technology to the betterment of mankind.

Milton Levenson Distinguished Service Award

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Dr. Kevin R. O’Kula

Amentum Technical Services

For demonstrated leadership, professionalism and dedication for over 38 years in the field of Nuclear Engineering supporting all aspects of DOE and NRC activities. He has authored over 40 papers and provided technical leadership to numerous ANS Programs and conferences. He is an industry expert in the areas of nuclear facility source term evaluations, probabilistic and quantitative risk assessment and severe accident analysis, accident and consequence analysis, source term evaluation, hydrogen safety, software quality assurance and safety analyses.

Awards Presented Elsewhere

Nuclear Historic Landmarks

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Fuel Cycle Facility
Idaho National Laboratory

Fuel Cycle Facility with EBR-II demonstrated on-site recycle of used nuclear fuel back into a nuclear reactor.

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Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

For demonstrating significant fusion energy production and tritium technologies for future nuclear fusion power plants and the first detailed exploration of magnetically confined deuterium-tritium fusion plasmas.

Standards Service Awards

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Dr. George Flanagan

Retired, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to ANS standards, serving as chair and member of the Standards Board, chair of the Research and Advanced Reactors Consensus Committee, and chair and member of multiple standards working groups. In particular, his valuable guidance and insightful vision have anticipated many standards needs as technology has advanced.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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Dr. N. Prasad Kadambi

Kadambi Engineering Consultants

In recognition of his significant contributions during more than 40 years in the development of nuclear safety standards for the American Nuclear Society and his leadership at multiple levels of the standards process, including as chair and member of the Standards Board and chair of the Risk-informed, Performance-based Principles and Policy Committee.

Technical Achievement Award (THD)

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Prof. Michael Z. Podowski

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

For his ground-breaking technical accomplishments in the modeling and computer simulation of single and multiphase flow and heat transfer.

2020 Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Awards (RPSD)

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Dr. Jeffrey O. Johnson

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For Dr. Johnson’s technical leadership in radiation shielding, nuclear nonproliferation missions supporting national and global security, and practical technologies to prevent, counter, and respond to nuclear and radiological terrorism.

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Dr. X. George Xu

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

For Dr. Xu’s outstanding achievements in research and technological development involving computational human phantoms and advanced Monte Carlo simulation methods that have made significant impact on the practice of radiation protection and medical physics.

Local Section Meritorious Award

Idaho Local Section

Best Section Overall

Winner is all four categories:

Meetings & Programs,
Public Information & Education, and
Section Management

Division Awards

Mark Mills Awards (ETWDD)

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Dr. Samuel Joseph Cope

North Carolina State University

For his work entitled: Incremental Gains in Transuranic Activity Analysis in Air Samples for Radiological Emergency Response.

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Mr. Nathan H. Hart

Los Alamos National Laboratory

For his work entitled: High Order Implicit Residual-Based Spatial Discretization Error Estimation for SN Neutron Transport.

Robert L. Long Training Excellence Awards (ETWDD)

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Mr. Patrick Berry

Patrick Berry Consulting, LLC

For sustained excellence in commercial, INPO, NRC, Military and University Training and Education.

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Dr. J. Wesley Hines

University of Tennessee

For his excellence, innovation, and leadership in nuclear engineering education and training that has supported students and industry.

George C. Laurence Pioneering Award (NISD)

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Mr. Stephen Ted Wood

Idaho National Laboratory

In recognition of his industry-leading research and development of PRA computational methods and their application in the SAPHIRE risk analysis software.

2020 Theos J. “Tommy” Thompson Awards (NISD)

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Mr. Dennis W. Henneke, PE

GE Hitachi

For leadership in the areas of PRA standards, fire PRA, multi-unit PRA, and the PRAs for UK ABWRs, PRISM, VTR, and risk-informed applications.

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Dr. Mohammad Modarres

University of Maryland

For major contributions to the theory and practice of probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants, and leadership in the development of academic programs in safety and reliability.

Radiation Science and Technology Award (IRD)

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Dr. Kenan nlü

Pennsylvania State University

For creative and impactful contributions to research reactor instrumentation and applications.

Student Design Competition (ETWDD)

The following are the finalists in the undergraduate category (in no particular order):

University of Tennessee Knoxville
Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Reactor Design and Analysis
Authors: Alec Cacheris, Brandon Connor, Will Conroy, Aidan Edens
Advisor: Jason Hayward

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Plasma Sustainment and Tin Particle Mitigation in Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
Authors: Alp Aktuna, Kaitlyn Butler, Andrew Fink, Dario Panici
Advisor: David Ruzic

Purdue University
Design of a Novel Decision-Making Tool for the Analysis of Protective Actions During a Radiological Release
Authors: David Champlin, Mark D’Aloia, Emily Downing, Elizabeth Jaye
Advisor: Shripad Revankar

University of Sharjah
Design and Experimental Verification of a Gamma Radiogauge to Detect Water Level in Ballast Tanks in Oil Platforms
Authors: Eslam A. Ahmed, Jwaher A. Alnaqbi, Priyonta Rahman
Advisor: Walid A. Metwally

North Carolina State University
Design of an Economical Low-Power Fast Spectrum Molten Chloride Reactor
Authors:Charles Goodman, Lindsay Verrico, Thomas Thompson, Vincent Novellino
Advisor: Scott Palmtag

Alpha Nu Sigma National Honor Society

The Alpha Nu Sigma National Honor Society, established by the American Nuclear Society’s Education, Training and Workforce Development Division, recognizes high scholarship, integrity, and potential achievement among outstanding degree-seeking nuclear engineering students at institutions of higher learning. The following individuals have been inducted into the Alpha Nu Sigma National Honor Society in since the last meeting:

Excelsior College-Alpha Nu Sigma

Mr. Derek Bierer

Mr. Benjamin Burnett

Mr. George Li Cheng

Mr. Jonathan Chilton

Mr. Nathaniel Glen Cox

Mr. Jerry Allen Crittenden

Mr. Zane Anthony DeSaveur

Mr. Theodore Donald Di Angelo, II

Mr. Bryan J. Feola

Ms. Miranda Gegner

Mr. Warren Anthony Givens

Mr. Andrew P. Goerres

Mr. Ian Matthew Hagley

Mr. Monte Asher Hancock

Mr. Devon Taylor Hanlon

Mr. Luke Ermine Hannon

Ms. Angela Leigh Henderson

Mr. Jonathan Hines

Mr. Garrett William Holter

Mr. Victor Alan Huffstatler

Mr. Jeremy Lee Hughes

Mr. Kyle Charles Keller

Mr. Chad Kitchen

Mr. Daniel P. Kohlbrenner

Mr. Joseph E. Kole

Mr. Corey Sean Murphy, Sr.

Mrs. Ashley Nicole Port

Mr. Nicholas Charles Poston

Mr. Gamaliel J. Rodriguez, Jr.

Mr. Michael Schulte

Mr. Kevin Paul Speer

Mr. William Randall Whisenant

Mr. Austin Jacob Williams

Mr. Tony Dewayne Williams

Mr. Michael C. Winsett

Mr. Jason James Woodworth

Mrs. Julia Wydra

Mr. Michael Murray True, Jr.

Kansas State University-Alpha Nu Sigma

Mr. Jace A. Beavers

Mr. Logan Brockschmidt

Mrs. Rabab R. Elzohery

Mr. Rene Fabian Santillana

Mr. Lucas Alan Wodrich

Oregon State University-Alpha Nu Sigma

Mr. Michael Branco-Katcher

Mr. Cole Erich Evered

Ms. Lucia Rebeca Gomez Hurtado

Mr. Matthew Alexander Hageman

Mr. Joshua Arthur Handley

Mr. Keenan Hoffman

Ms. Rebecca Jaronski

Mr. Brandon E. Kamiyama

Mr. Michael Aaron Levy

Ms. Jillian Lea Newmyer

Mr. Logan E. Schoening

Dr. Todd R. Smith

Mr. Ryan E. Wilson

Mr. Seth Joshua Youtsey

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