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Progress on U.S and International Low-Enriched Uranium Reactor Conversions

Erik H. Wilson (Argonne National Laboratory), John G. Stevens (Argonne National Laboratory)

Comparison of LEU Fuel Designs for the NBSR and a Replacement Reactor Concept

David J. Diamond (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Thomas H. Newton (National Institute of Standards & Technology), Danyal J. Turkoglu (NIST Center for Neutron Research), Lap-Yan Cheng (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

The Current Status of Converting the University of Missouri Research Reactor from Highly Enriched Uranium to Low-Enriched Uranium Fuel

Wilson M. Cowherd (Idaho National Laboratory), Leslie P. Foyto (University of Missouri Research Reactor), John A. Stillman (Argonne National Laboratory), Nickie J. Peters (University of Missouri Research Reactor), Earl Feldman (Argonne National Laboratory), Dhongik S. Yoon (Argonne National Laboratory), Erik H. Wilson (Argonne National Laboratory), Kiratadas Kutikkad (University of Missouri Research Reactor)

Effects of LEU Fuel Fabrication Tolerances on Safety and Operation Limits for MIT Reactor

Lin-Wen Hu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dakota Allen (MIT), Kaichao Sun (MIT), Akshay Dave (MIT), Son H. Pham (ANL), David Jaluvka (ANL), Erik H. Wilson (ANL)

Fuel Conversion Efforts at the High Flux Isotope Reactor - a 2020 Status Update

Benjamin R. Betzler (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), David Chandler (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Jennifer L. Meszaros (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Jin W. Bae (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), David H. Cook (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Valerie D. Fudurich (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Trevor Howard (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Christopher J. Hurt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Germina Ilas (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Prashant K. Jain (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Emilian L. Popov (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Qualification of an LEU Fuel for the Advanced Test Reactor

Jere H. Jenkins (Idaho National Laboratory), Eric Woolstenhulme (Idaho National Laboratory), Maria Pascale (MPR Associates), Douglas Hardymayer (MPR Associates), Kyle G. Metzroth (MPR Associates, Inc.)


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