Radioisotopes produced from nuclear reactors and accelerators are widely used for medical diagnostics and cancer therapy. For example, Tc-99m (decay product of Mo-99) is used in more than 80% of nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures. I-131 is widely used to treat thyroid cancer and applications of Lu-177 have increased in recent years for targeted therapy. This panel session will feature the following speakers to discuss the advancement and status of domestic production and applications of medical isotopes: 1) Peter J. Karcz: NNSA’s Mo-99 Program: Accelerating Reliable, Non-HEU Mo-99 Production Capabilities in the U.S., 2) Greg Piefer: Progress at SHINE Medical in Commercializing Mo-99 and Lu-177 for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications, 3) Ira Goldman: Achieving Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes, 4) Les Foyto: MURR’s Role in Supplying Isotopes for Research and Patient Care, and 5) Jon Neuhoff: DOE Production of Radioisotopes for Medical Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment


  • Gregory R. Piefer (SHINE Medical Technologies)
  • Ira N. Goldman (Lantheus Medical Imaging)
  • Peter Karcz (DOE-NNSA Mo-99 Program)
  • Leslie P. Foyto (University of Missouri Research Reactor)
  • Jon Neuhoff (DOE Office of Isotope R&D and Production)


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