The U.S. Department of Energy – Nuclear Energy supports student research through direct support of research and development (R&D) programs across the United States as part of the Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP). Additionally, the Integrated University Program (IUP) works concurrently to attract qualified nuclear science and engineering students (NS&E) to nuclear energy professions by providing undergraduate-level scholarships and graduate-level fellowships. The scholarships and fellowships are focused on two-, four-year, and graduate programs in science and engineering disciplines related to nuclear energy such as nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, health physics, nuclear materials science, radiochemistry, applied nuclear physics, nuclear policy, radiation protection technology, nuclear power technology, nuclear maintenance technology, and nuclear engineering technology. The papers in this session are outcomes made possible by this support.

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Time-Release Cs Diffusion Measurements in Oxidized and Unoxidized IG-110 Graphite

Taylor M. Weilert (University of Missouri Columbia)

Diffusion of Fission Products in Nuclear Grade Graphite

Kevin Graydon (University of Central Florida), Kevin R. Coffey (University of Central Florida), Yongho Sohn (University of Central Florida)

Pool Boiling Critical Heat Flux of Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding Materials

Kaya G. Mondry (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Hwasung Yeom (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Emilio L. Gutierrez (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Hangjin Jo (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Yimin Zhou (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Kumar Sridharan (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Michael Corradini (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Nondestructive Material Thickness Evaluation by Lamb Waves

Wenfeng Xiao (University of South Carolina), Zhaoyun Ma (University of South Carolina), Lingyu Yu (University of South Carolina)


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