NEIMA is the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act that was passed this year. It requires the NRC to report to Congress on the best practices for establishing the advisory panels. This session will address: • a description of the type of topics that could be brought before a community advisory board; • how the board's input could inform the decision-making process of stakeholders for various decommissioning activities; • how the board could interact with the NRC and other Federal regulatory bodies to promote dialogue between the licensee and affected stakeholders; and • how the board could offer opportunities for public engagement throughout all phases of the decommissioning process. This session will include a discussion of the composition of existing community advisory boards and best practices identified during the establishment and operation of such boards, including logistical considerations, frequency of meetings, and the selection of board members.


  • Bruce Watson (NRC)
  • David Victor (San Onofre Citizens Advisory Committee)
  • Josh Unruh (Vermont Yankee Citizens Advisory Committee)
  • John Lewis (Zion Community Advisory Panel)


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