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You are invited to submit your work to the ANS open access platform Nuclear Science and Technology Open Research. Click the + for more information.

2023 ANS Student Conference NSTOR invitation

This year ANS launched a publication platform, Nuclear Science and Technology Open Research, which aims to provide fully open access publication and features a publish-before-review model, making for rapid, approachable publication of your work. Additionally, NSTOR can host a wide range of article types, from full papers to brief reports to data notes, and more.

All 2023 ANS Student Conference authors and presenters are invited to submit their work to a special collection on NSTOR. Follow this link or email for more information or to submit. You can send in an updated summary or even post your slide deck and/or poster. Deadline: October 27.

Note: There are no publication fees through the end of this year, so take advantage of this opportunity to get published!

The ANS Student Conference will be held at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2023. We are excited to welcome students from around the country to our beautiful city and introduce them to the exciting events happening within the Department of Nuclear Engineering as well as in the surrounding area.

We have chosen the theme of “Passing the Torch” to pay homage to our University’s academic mascot, the Torchbearer. Living by this theme, we want the conference to be a symbol for continuing nuclear sciences from one generation to the next. Our intentions for all attendees of the conference are to reflect on the growth of the nuclear industry, along with thinking innovatively when hearing from those that came before to motivate nuclear scientists and engineers in progressing one step forward towards their individual aspirations.

Questions? For more information on the conference or how to get involved, please contact the organizers at


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ANS-UTK is excited to host this year's conference, and we plan to elevate it to a new level for all involved. If you would like to become a Sponsor or Exhibitor, contact our Sponsorship Coordinator David Anderson at

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Motivation for ANS Student Conference Logo Design

President Dwight D. Eisenhower delivered his famous “Atoms for Peace” speech almost 70 years ago to the UN General Assembly in 1953 which paved the way for the creation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 1957. As we at UTK ANS reflect on that pivotal time in the early atomic era, we wanted to give tribute to the start of the Atoms for Peace movement while also considering the role that we have as the current and next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers. For our conference logo, we took elements of the original Atoms for Peace logo and its depictions of some of the peaceful applications of the atom as a backdrop and integrated it with one of the core University of Tennessee mantras of “Passing the Torch” which is our main conference theme. We are excited to welcome Dr. Jean-Pierre Cayol, Technical Program Coordinator of the Nuclear Sciences & Applications Department at the IAEA, as our opening keynote speaker as he begins the conference looking back at the genesis of peaceful atomic applications and highlights the current and future work that the IAEA is doing to be a torchbearer of “Atoms for Peace” on its 70th Anniversary.

UTK ANS would like to thank Brad Hartman, recent University of Tennessee-Chattanooga alum, for designing the conference logo. Those interested in hiring Brad for future projects can contact him at