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With nearly 11,000 readers throughout 54 countries, Nuclear News is recognized worldwide as the flagship trade publication for the nuclear field. News reports cover plant operations, maintenance and security; policy and legislation; international developments; waste management and fuel; and business and contract award news The magazine has been published by the American Nuclear Society since 1959.

Featured Articles

Root causes of the Three Mile Island accident

Designers of new nuclear power systems can learn from the TMI accident. They should assure the quality and completeness of the plant’s safety analysis early in the design phase... (More)

  • Bonus: Nuclear News's initial coverage of the TMI accident, which occurred 40 years ago this month...(More)

Perspective: Safety challenges for long-term operation of nuclear power plants

To ensure that plants can operate safely beyond their originally established time frames, both physical and nonphysical aging issues must be addressed... (More)

Protecting Nuclear Reactor Cooling Pump Face Seals from Electrostatic Erosion and Electrochemical Corrosion

Sponsored by: Electro Static Technology*

Mechanical end face seals for nuclear reactor recirculation pumps (RRPs) and reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) are critical components in preventing the escape of radiation from reactor primary cooling systems.

But stray voltages can build up on RRP/RCP motor shafts and lead to currents which electrically erode face seals... (More)

New approach to internals inspections saves dose and time

An innovative method used during an aging management inspection of FENOC’s Beaver Valley-1 produced significant results... (More)

PUR-1: A fully digital I&C installation driving innovation

The full implementation of a digital I&C system is reinvigorating Purdue’s test, research, and teaching reactor, offering new possibilities for learning and understanding... (More)

University of Tennessee nuclear engineering: A decade of transformation

Through a systematic approach and with a clear vision of success, UT has reshaped its nuclear engineering Ph.D. program into one of the best in the country... (More)

24th Annual Vendor/Contractor Profile Special Section

This special advertising section features 45 companies and a wealth of information on the various aspects of nuclear they cover, including instrumentation and controls, parts obsolescence and reverse engineering, fire protection systems, decommissioning and waste management services, cranes and rigging, inspection equipment, and maintenance services... (More)

*Vendor White Papers are provided by advertisers - they are not created, selected nor endorsed by the American Nuclear Society. To contribute a white paper, please contact your regional sales representative or the ANS Advertising Department.

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