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With more than 11,000 readers throughout 60 countries, Nuclear News is recognized worldwide as the flagship trade publication for the nuclear field. News reports cover plant operations, maintenance, security, international developments, waste management, fuel, and industry. The magazine has been published by the American Nuclear Society since 1959.

Featured Articles

Robert Coward: Playing on an All-Star Team

In early 2003, FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating company (FENOC) was facing some serious challenges with its Davis-Besse nuclear power plant outside Oak Harbor, Ohio. The previous spring, the company had discovered the infamous "hole in the head" of the reactor pressure vessel... (More)

Human factors for main control room modernization

For the current light-water reactor operating fleet, control rooms consist of an expensive set of control boards to accommodate the thousands of discrete controls and indications required by analog control technologies... (More)

Capacity Factors: Close to a New Peak

Starting in the 1990s, the company once known as the Middle South Utilities and then rebranded as Entergy Corporation was a leader in a trend that had the effect of continuing the operation of power reactors that might have closed long before their license expirations... (More)

In the News

Waste Management - Yucca Mountain: GAO outlines steps needed to resume licensing process

The GAO has identified four key steps that the NRC, the DOE, and others would need to take in order to license the proposed high-level waste repository in Nevada. (More)

Policy & Legislation - Congress $1 Trillion Spending Bill Signed

The latest omnibus appropriations bill provides more funding for the DOE's Office of Nuclear Energy and the NNSA, less for the NRC. (More)

Waste Management - Spent Fuel: Holtec Submits License Application for Interim Storage Facility

Holtec International continues to pursue consolidated interim storage of spent nuclear fuel in New Mexico. (More)

Vendor White Papers*

Learning Simulators

Sponsored by: L-3 MAPPS

Full scope nuclear power plant simulators have become highly detailed and accurate training devices... (More)

Delivering On-time Products to the Nuclear Industry Worldwide

Sponsored by: Petersen Inc.

Petersen Inc. is one of the foremost manufacturing facilities in the United States, serving customers throughout the world. With modern capabilities and open capacity, we effectively serve industry giants...(More)

Solutions for Application Obsolescence in Nuclear Power Plants

Sponsored by: ValvTechnologies

The nuclear industry thrives on obsolescence. Everything about it is basically obsolete, from the technology of the domestic operating fleet to the aging workforce... (More)

Identifying Root Causes and Methods for Eliminating Leakage

Sponsored by: Valcor Engineering Corporation

Leakage in solenoid are classified as external and internal. External leakage is generally easy to identify and eliminate... (More)

Why I&C Rooms Don't Modernize Their Instrumentation

Sponsored by: OTEK Corp.

Nuclear I&C rooms are on the verge of serious consequences due to obsolescence and 1800's technology (analog meters & old digitals). These instruments are being replaced with salvaged/refurbished parts and being purchased for more than 200x their commercial value... (More)

Facility Decommissioning Training Course

Sponsored by: Argonne National Laboratory

Elements included in the D&D training course will assist in decision making and planning, and implementation associated with decommissioning... (More)

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