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With nearly 11,000 readers throughout 58 countries, Nuclear News is recognized worldwide as the flagship trade publication for the nuclear field. News reports cover plant operations, maintenance, security, international developments, waste management, fuel, and industry. The magazine has been published by the American Nuclear Society since 1959.

Featured Articles

Davis-Besse’s 20th outage: The “Drive For 25”

As a result of detailed planning, improved communications, and a united effort, Davis-Besse and its contractors achieved their 25-day outage goal—a plant record... (More)

A Drinking Water Purification System for Nuclear Reactor Personnel

Sponsored by: Argonide Corporation*

The chance that terrorists or state actors will strike at the water supplies of small groups of industrial, governmental or infrastructural (e.g. nuclear plant operations) is real. After recognizing the suspected plot of the microwave irradiation causing sickness of U. S. personnel in Cuba, it would not be far fetched for a state actor to consider the contamination of the drinking water of a nuclear plant. Even without intentional attempts there are several situations where nuclear plant drinking water could be unexpectedly contaminated... (More)

Nuclear News Special Section: Nonproliferation

810 shades of gray

You may have heard of 10 CFR Part 810, but it’s not everything... (More)

The Nuclear News Interview

Ann Winters: On the 100th anniversary of Wilkinson’s birth

The author of a recent biography of Vice Admiral Dennis Wilkinson, the first commanding officer of the first nuclear-powered submarine, shares her recollections of him over their 33-year friendship... (More)

RadVision3D® - 3D Gamma Source Mapping and Intervention Analysis

Sponsored by: Transco Products Inc.*

Maintenance activities at nuclear power stations are often constrained by complex source term conditions. The historical approach has typically involved radiation protection technicians performing manual surveys of the conditions, and then communicating those conditions to station management and the work force through printed (often time hand sketched) dose & contamination survey maps... (More)

The Nuclear News Interview

Nichita: On Problems in Elementary Reactor Physics, with Solutions

This book is a collection of problems intended primarily for undergraduate students studying reactor physics and for those interested in reviewing fundamental reactor physics concepts... (More)

John Kelly: From Motor City to the Capital City

Having specialized in nuclear safety, the 64th president of the American Nuclear Society has long advocated for advancing the country’s nuclear technologies... (More)

Protecting Nuclear Reactor Cooling Pump Face Seals from Electrostatic Erosion and Electrochemical Corrosion

Sponsored by: Electro Static Technology*

Mechanical end face seals for nuclear reactor recirculation pumps (RRPs) and reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) are critical components in preventing the escape of radiation from reactor primary cooling systems.

But stray voltages can build up on RRP/RCP motor shafts and lead to currents which electrically erode face seals... (More)

24th Annual Vendor/Contractor Profile Special Section

This special advertising section features 45 companies and a wealth of information on the various aspects of nuclear they cover, including instrumentation and controls, parts obsolescence and reverse engineering, fire protection systems, decommissioning and waste management services, cranes and rigging, inspection equipment, and maintenance services... (More)

In the News

Policy & Legislation - Bipartisan bill aims to boost U.S. nuclear industry

The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act calls for more action from the DOE in support of advanced nuclear energy goals. (More)

Waste Management - Decommissioning: Holtec to buy Oyster Creek, Pilgrim, Palisades for D&D

Forming a joint venture with SNC-Lavalin to provide accelerated decommissioning services, Holtec is the latest company to jump into the nuclear D&D market. (More)

Policy & Legislation - House passes bill to amend Nuclear Waste Policy Act

An overwhelming vote in favor of H.R. 3053 to proceed with work on a repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada doesn’t guarantee that the Senate will be so supportive. (More)

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