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With nearly 11,000 readers throughout 54 countries, Nuclear News is recognized worldwide as the flagship trade publication for the nuclear field. News reports cover plant operations, maintenance and security; policy and legislation; international developments; waste management and fuel; and business and contract award news. The magazine has been published by the American Nuclear Society since 1959.

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Featured Articles

Looking high and low for HALEU

Demand for high-assay low-enriched uranium has set off a scramble to secure a supply to test microreactor concepts, fuel advanced reactors, and coax more efficiency from today’s light-water reactors... (More - September, pg. 26 - subscriber log-in required)

Safety and economic benefits of accident tolerant fuel

The deployment of ATF could lead to increased safety margins, optimized fuel cycles, and a reduction in high-level waste while enabling higher enrichment and burnup limits... (More - September, pg. 21 - subscriber log-in required)

Southern Nuclear’s “second” simulator project

The nuclear arm of Southern Company commissioned additional full-scope simulators for its entire reactor fleet to enhance plant safety and operator performance... (More - August, pg. 26 - subscriber log-in required)

Helping stakeholders understand radiological science

Sponsored by: Southwest Research Institute*

Southwest Research Institute works with a broad spectrum of stakeholders when assessing safety, environmental impacts, and risk across the nuclear fuel cycle. We understand that communicating about technical topics to a non-technical audience can be challenging, whether addressing members of the public or government decisionmakers. This white paper is a plain-language explanation about why radiological impacts on water can occur, and how testing and evaluation of these impacts can be accomplished... (More - free content)

SwRI provides independent, unbiased R&D services for water resources, outreach, and many other challenges. For additional information, visit here.

25th Annual Vendor/Contractor Profile Special Section

Debuting in 1995, the August vendor/contractor special section features ads plus "advertorial" information, offering advertisers the opportunity to get the word out regarding who they are, what they do, and what they have to offer nuclear utilities and nuclear related facilities... (More - free content)

An aging management program for neutron absorber materials in SFPs

EPRI’s multiyear research provides nuclear plants with an efficient aging management program that ensures criticality safety margins are maintained for spent fuel pools... (More - August, pg. 20 - subscriber log-in required)


Sponsored by: OTEK Corp.*

It’s a well-known fact that inefficiency is the result of the waste of assets or labor and is the main cause of loss of revenue. If not corrected, inefficiency leads to business closure and bankruptcy.

Most of the inefficiencies in the nuclear generation of electricity are due to the present archaic and unreliable analog instrumentation that is used to control the world’s most advanced and complex technology... (More - free content)

For additional information, watch a two minute video here.

Best practices for strategic nuclear plant decommissioning

Well-planned, effective strategies and processes are important for all stages of a nuclear power plant’s life cycle, from startup through operations to the final stage—decommissioning... (More - July, pg. 36 - subscriber log-in required)

Marilyn Kray: Leading the change

A champion of nuclear power and a veteran of the industry, the 65th ANS president aims to make the society more relevant today than ever... (More - July, pg. 58 - subscriber log-in required)

*Vendor White Papers are provided by advertisers - they are not created, selected nor endorsed by the American Nuclear Society. To contribute a white paper, please contact your regional sales representative or the ANS Advertising Department.

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