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With nearly 11,000 readers throughout 58 countries, Nuclear News is recognized worldwide as the flagship trade publication for the nuclear field. News reports cover plant operations, maintenance, security, international developments, waste management, fuel, and industry. The magazine has been published by the American Nuclear Society since 1959.

Featured Articles

John Kelly: From Motor City to the Capital City

Having specialized in nuclear safety, the 64th president of the American Nuclear Society has long advocated for advancing the country’s nuclear technologies.... (More)

The Nuclear News Interview

Enhancing equipment reliability

A team from Exelon Corporation won this year’s Best-of-the-Best TIP Award for a program to inspect and test spare parts prior to installation at the plants... (More)

Delivering the Nuclear Promise: Reducing Operations and Maintenance Costs for Nuclear-Fueled Power Producers through Effective Partnering

Sponsored by: Fluor*

When Sunita Kumar joined Fluor as a nuclear project director in 2017, she asked what the expectations were for the Fluor team.

The answer was clear and simple – Deliver cost-effective solutions safely... (More)

Meeting the moly-99 challenge

In the race to create a stable supply of the important medical radioisotope molybdenum-99, several private companies are leading the way... (More)

Waste Management Conference: Advanced technologies

The potential of robotics and remote systems to improve the safety and efficiency of nuclear decommissioning and remediation was the focus of this year’s Waste Management Conference... (More)

Working together to enhance nuclear reactor safety

Information from examinations at the affected reactors at Fukushima Daiichi is being used to enhance reactor safety in U.S. operating plants, plants under construction, and future nuclear power plants... (More)

23rd Annual Vendor/Contractor Profile Special Section

This special advertising section features 42 companies and a wealth of information about the various aspects of nuclear they cover, including instrumentation and controls, parts obsolescence and reverse engineering, fire protection systems, decommissioning and waste management services, cranes and rigging, inspection equipment, and maintenance services... (More)

In the News

Policy & Legislation - House passes bill to amend Nuclear Waste Policy Act

An overwhelming vote in favor of H.R. 3053 to proceed with work on a repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada doesn’t guarantee that the Senate will be so supportive. (More)

Isotopes & Radiation -  Alliance formed to promote isotope production

A number of private and public organizations have banded together in order to ensure that Canada remains a leader in radioisotope production. (More)

DOE & NRC Budgets - FY 2019 budget request released

As with FY 2018, the fate of this latest budget request is uncertain, as President Trump once again makes cuts to popular programs while expanding spending in others. (More)

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