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Mentor Match, a FREE benefit of ANS membership, utilizes an online database and a Mentoring Discussion Group with information archives to help members find, connect, and share insight with other members. Enjoy the professional development benefits of mentoring no matter your location. Your Mentor or Mentee may be in your city or on the other side of the world! Matched parties may choose one or more methods of communication that work best for them: email, phone call, video chat, meetings, etc.

ANS Mentors may be CNOs, Presidents, Mangers, professors, retirees, and others, hailing from companies like Argonne, Bechtel Marine Propulsion, Idaho National Laboratory, Y12 National Security Complex, and universities just to name a few. ANS Mentees may be students, recent graduates, or working professionals seeking guidance at any career stage.

According to ANS Mentor Dr. Larry Foulke, past ANS President, "I think being a mentor is important because we must nurture the next generation of our profession. These young people are needed; I want them to know that. Plus, I enjoy celebrating with them the excitement I have for the remarkable technology we share."

Getting involved in mentoring can enrich your career, broaden your network, and result in lifelong associations.

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Last modified March 31, 2016, 3:22pm CDT