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Fuel Cycle Analysis of a Subcritical Fast Helium-Cooled Transmutation Reactor with a Fusion Neutron Source

J. W. Maddox, W. M. Stacey

Nuclear Technology / Volume 158 / Number 1 / April 2007 / Pages 94-108

Technical Paper / Radioactive Waste Management and Disposal /

Geologic repositories for the long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) are limited in their capacity by the amount of decay heat emitted by the SNF. The largest long-term contribution to this decay heat comes from the transuranics (TRUs), the destruction of which could increase storage capacity by a factor of at least 10. A design concept for a subcritical gas-cooled fast transmutation reactor (GCFTR) fueled with TRUs from SNF is being developed. This paper presents the results of analyses of several GCFTR fuel cycle scenarios that have a deep-burn (>90% burnup of the TRU fuel) primary objective and a secondary objective of avoiding reprocessing of the TRU fuel if possible.

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