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Successive Volume Reduction of Hydrogen-Isotopic Gaseous Waste by Pressure Swing Adsorption Using SZ-13X Column

K. Kotoh, M. Tanaka, T. Tsuge, S. Moriyama, S. Takashima, Y. Asakura, T. Uda, T. Sugiyama

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 60 / Number 2 / August 2011 / Pages 771-775

Safety & Environment / Proceedings of the Nineteenth Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy (TOFE) (Part 2)

For the purpose of application to volume reduction of tritiated hydrogen as gaseous waste, we carried out an experimental series of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) using a column packed with synthetic zeolite 13X (SZ-13X) at 77.4 K, where a cyclic PSA process was operated enriching D2 in a H2-D2 mixture while isolating H2 from this mixture. The result demonstrates successive reduction of a volume of this mixture with successively separating purified hydrogen volumes. It is reported here that the operational efficiency of volume reduction in the PSA process using the SZ-13X column is higher than that in the same PSA process using the same column but packed with SZ-5A. The latter is already obtained in a previous work. Comprehensively, the experimental results suggest that the PSA process is applicable to the volumetric reduction for regulating the storage inventory in a tritium waste management system.

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