Kairos Power and NRC Experiences with Hermes Advanced Test Reactor Application Review.

Effective and efficient regulation of new nuclear reactors is critical to the successful and timely deployment of advanced nuclear energy. Kairos Power is actively engaged with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on the licensing of the Hermes and Hermes 2 demonstration reactors with a goal of deploying their reactors in Oak Ridge in the next five years. Join panelists from Kairos Power and NRC to learn more about the new nuclear licensing process, hear first-hand lessons learned on both preparing and reviewing advanced reactor license applications, and gain insights how the industry and NRC are preparing for future new nuclear reactor license reviews.


  • Patrick White (Research Director, Nuclear Innovation Alliance)
  • Mo Shams (Director, Division of Advanced Reactors and Non-Power Production and Utilization Facilities, DANU, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Com.)
  • Peter Hastings (Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Quality, Kairos Power)


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