Location: The Board Room, DC at 1737 Connecticut Ave NW (boardroomdc.com)

Join us for an evening of at The Board Room, just down the street from the Washington Hilton. Enjoy their wide ranging menus of drinks (including non-alcoholic) and games from all eras. Whether you’re a fan of the classics, the next great strategist, a Vegas card shark, or just want to relax and leave it all to chance, they have something for you. Free to all YPC registrants. Food from Arepa Zonne and beverages will be provided.

Note: This event is restricted to those over 21 in age. For those underage, we recommend a haunted tour of DC, an Escape Room, or pay your respects this Veterans Day at the National Mall, easily accessible via the Red Metro line . You can also look for local bars and clubs, although we make no guarantees about their accessibility.


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