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Bridging the Fidelity Gap in System-Scale Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulations for Realistic State-Level Nuclear Material Accounting

10:00–10:20AM EST

Kathryn A. Mummah (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison)

Monte Carlo Based Sample Optimization for Microcalorimeter Decay Energy Spectroscopy

10:20–10:40AM EST

Sophie Weidenbenner (Oregon State), Camille Palmer (Oregon State), Mark Croce (LANL), Katrina E. Koehler (LANL), Daniel McNeel (LANL), Timothy Ockrin (LANL), Katherine Schreiber (LANL), Rico Schoenemann (LANL), Matthew Carpenter (LANL), Ryan Fitzgerald (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Anomaly Detection in Gamma Source Search Spectra with Hopfield Neural Network on Quantum Computer Simulator

10:40–11:00AM EST

Luis Valdez (Univ. Texas, San Antonio), Miltos Alamaniotis (Univ. Texas, San Antonio), Alexander Heifetz (ANL)

Optimizing a Neutron Multiplicity Counter Using Design of Experiments Methods

11:00–11:20AM EST

Rachel C. Connick (LANL), Nikolas D. Economy (LANL), John A. Corder (TAMU), Sarah E. Sarnoski (LANL), Rollin E. Lakis (LANL)

Development of Reactor Physics Models for Generating a Surrogate Model for the ISU AGN-201 Digital

11:20–11:40AM EST

Quinton Williams (Oregon State), Ryan Stewart (INL), Chad Pope (Idaho State), Camille Palmer (Oregon State), Todd Palmer (Oregon State), Ashley Shields (INL), John Darrington (INL), Mark Schanfein (INL), Gustavo Reyes (INL), Christopher Ritter (INL)


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