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Design Exploration of a Cold-Spray Additive Manufactured Pin-Fin Heat Sinks for Heat Pipe for Microreactors

10:00–10:20AM EST

Marcus Braatz (Penn State), Erik Hisahara (Penn State), Saya Lee (Penn State)

Sensitivity Study on the Fin Effect of Thermocouple Mounted on the Heated Surface Under Film Boiling Conditions

10:20–10:40AM EST

Seokbin Seo (INL), Charles P. Folsom (INL), Colby B. Jensen (INL), Robert J. Armstrong (INL)

Air Thermal Hydraulics Analysis in a Horizontal Dual Channel Plenum-To-Plenum Facility Representing Micronuclear Reactors

10:40–11:00AM EST

Zeyad Zeitoun (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology), Andrew Lazarski (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology), Ahmed Jasim (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology), Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology)

Fabrication of Surrogate Rupture Rods for the Replication of Fuel Pin Failure in Liquid Metal Fast Reactors

11:00–11:20AM EST

Nicholas Gallagher (Oregon State), Guillaume Mignot (Oregon State), Wade Marcum (Oregon State)

Effect of Initial Temperature on Quench Behavior of Cr-Coated Zr-Alloy Cladding

11:20–11:40AM EST

Cole Dunbar (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), WooHyun Jung (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Nicolas Fox (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Thomas Demo (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Benjamin Maier (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Robert Armstrong (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Kumar Sridharan (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Michael Corradini (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), Hwasung Yeom (Pohang Univ. Science and Technology)


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