Microreactors are witnessing a surge of interest across a broad range of areas. Several demonstration efforts are being planned by various entities to showcase the ability of this class of reactors to target new applications for nuclear energy. The panel will provide an overview of ongoing demonstration efforts to build microreactors for research (namely MARVEL, and university microreactors), defense (via the DOD Pele project), space (via the NASA Fission Surface Power project), as well as traditional energy market (e.g., Westinghouse eVinci, BWXT BANR, UNSC MMR).


  • Abdalla Abou-Jaoude (INL)
  • John H. Jackson (INL)
  • Jeff Waksman (Department of Defense)
  • Sebastian C. Corbisiero (INL)
  • Robert Schmidt (Westinghouse)


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