As MARVEL completes its 90% final design, this panel session will provide a deep dive into the intricacies of the reactor demonstration. This session will specifically revolve around the final system configuration, fuel performance evaluation, validation of thermal hydraulics using an experimental facility, instrumentation and controls, and the detailed construction for the reactor. The fuel performance presentation will delve into some of the characteristics of the MARVEL TRIGA-based fuel and its associated behavior under various operational scenarios, within the basis of current fuel qualification. The results from the PCAT experimental test facilities that is intended to validate the natural circulation behavior within MARVEL will be discussed. This will be followed by an overview of the MARVEL instrumentation and controls, including the core reactivity control systems. Lastly, the detailed planned construction and assembly blueprint for the reactor within the TREAT facility will be presented.


  • Jordan A. Evans (INL)
  • Anthony L. Crawford (INL)
  • Carlo Parisi (INL)
  • Liliana Leal (Walsh Engineering)


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