This panel will provide the current status of, and advancements occurring in, international repository programs and provide an update on the status of the Consent-Based Siting (CBS) process pursued domestically. The focus of this panel will be on providing an update on the tangible progress made on the repository programs in Canada, Finland, France, Sweden, and Switzerland, as well as discussing the lessons learned from these programs that may be of benefit to the U.S. CBS process. In addition to the repositories, this panel will identify progress made on support facilities integral to the use of the repositories (e.g., repackaging).


  • Sven Bader (Orano Federal Services)
  • Erika Holt (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
  • John H. Kessler (J Kessler and Assoc.)
  • Erica Bickford (U.S. Department of Energy)


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