As society shifts to more sustainable energy forms, we are seeing an international resurgence of interest in Molten Salt Reactor Systems. The MSR concept is recognized as one of the few game-changing technologies that can overcome existing barriers to the adoption of commercial nuclear power. The closure of the fuel cycle, isotope recovery, production of clean water from desalination, and hydrogen, are also promising advancements and applications. Panelists from several countries with expertise spanning salt chemistry, materials science, radionuclide release management from academia, national laboratories, and commercial organizations will present innovative technology-driven approaches aimed at accelerating MSR development and deployment.


  • Jeremy D. Pearson (San Rafael Energy Research Center)
  • Carl Perez (Exodys)
  • Isabelle Morlaes (ORANO)
  • Aslak Stubsgaard (Copenhagen Atomics)
  • Markus Piro (Ontario Tech Univ.)


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