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Summary of a Novel Friction Factor Model for Wire-Wrapped Rod Bundle

3:15–3:35PM EST

Adam Dix (Purdue), Seungjin Kim (Purdue)

Transient Multilayer Analytical Model of a Line Heat Source Probe for In-Pile Thermal Conductivity Measurements

3:35–3:55PM EST

Katelyn Wada (Boise State), Austin Fleming (INL), Joshua Eixenberger (Boise State), Brian Jaques (Boise State), David Estrada (Boise State)

Transformations and Speciation of Iodine in the Environment as a Result of Oxidation by Manganese Minerals

3:55–4:15PM EST

Ilana B. Szlamkowicz (Univ. Central Florida), Andrew J. Fentress (Univ. Central Florida), Luke F. Longen (Univ. Central Florida), Jordan S. Stanberry (Univ. Central Florida), Vasileios A. Anagnostopoulos (Univ. Central Florida)

Synthesis of Americium Trichloride via Chlorination of Americium Oxide with Zirconium Tetrachloride in LiCl-KCl Molten Salt

4:15–4:35PM EST

Bethany Kersten (Case Western Reserve Univ.), Rohan Akolkar (Case Western Reserve Univ.), Christine E. Duval (Case Western Reserve Univ.)

Zeolite Synthesis Outcomes as Predictors of Nuclear Waste Glass Stability

4:35–4:55PM EST

Adam J. Mallette (Univ. Houston), James Neeway (PNNL), Jeffrey D. Rimer (Univ. Houston)

Investigation of ZrCl4 and NH4Cl as Gaseous Chlorinating Agents in Eutectic LiCl-KCl

4:55–5:15PM EST

Jarom Chamberlain (Univ. Utah), Nathan Rood (Univ. Utah), Michael Simpson (Univ. Utah)


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