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Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking panel session where we delve into the pressing challenges faced by the nuclear industry in the realms of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). With the goal of fostering a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive nuclear industry, this session aims to shed light on the barriers hindering progress and explore actionable strategies to overcome them.

As the nuclear industry embraces a new chapter, it is essential to address the historical underrepresentation of diverse voices, particularly within the predominantly white-male landscape. This panel session brings together accomplished experts, professionals, and advocates who are actively working towards cultivating a more inclusive industry.

During the session, our panelists will share their insights, experiences, and perspectives on the challenges associated with DEI within the nuclear sector. We will delve into the systemic issues that have perpetuated the lack of diversity and inclusion and discuss the far-reaching consequences of this imbalance.


  • Charlyne Smith (Breakthrough Institute)
  • Sagatom Saha (Columbia University)
  • Jesus Nunez (Nuclear Alternative Project)


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