Join ANS and WSC to learn about Simulation Beyond Training at the WSC Headquarters 

8:00 AM

Depart Washington Hilton

9:00 AM

Arrive WSC Headquarters in Frederick

9:00 AM

Welcome, Sign-In, Facility Brief, Coffee/Juice & Pastries

9:15 AM

WSC Company Presentation and Current Projects Overview

9:45 AM

Introduction to 3KEYMASTER Simulation Software and Modeling Tools

10:45 AM

Facility Tour with Simulator Demonstrations of:

  • Barakah 1400 MW APWR NPP Simulator Testbed,
  • SMR Simulators (Natrium and Holtec SMR-160), and
  • Generic PWR, Generic BWR, and MIT Research Reactor Simulators on 3KEYTOUCH GlassTop Simulator Platform.

12:00 PM

Lunch  / Question and Answer Session

1:00 PM

Depart WSC for Washington Hilton

2:00 PM

Arrive Washington Hilton

Transportation and Lunch will be provided by WSC

Limited to first 50 guests

WSC, Inc.- 7196 Crestwood Blvd, Suite 300 Frederick, MD 21703

WSC Overview

Founded in 1995, WSC is a privately held global simulation and services company headquartered in Frederick, Maryland that has successfully delivered over 250 simulators.  WSC's continuing vision is to provide our customers with innovative, state-of-the-art, simulation technology products and services that add value in the design, commissioning, and safe & reliable operation of their power generating, test facility or process plant assets. 

WSC and its 3KEYMASTER simulation software and applications have evolved with the growing needs of the power plant industry for use beyond operator training. WSC has incorporated specific capabilities within our simulation platform to provide the Simulation Assisted Engineering SAE tools needed to assist engineering groups tasked with design and verification of new plant designs and for control systems for new or existing power plants.  3KEYMASTER is the platform of choice for several ongoing Small and Micro Modular Reactor (SMR and MMR) SAE projects, such as GE-Hitachi’s BWRX-300 design, TerraPower’s Natrium Reactor &  Integrated Energy Storage System design, Holtec’s SMR-160 design and others.