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Radiation Exposure to the Public due to Radioisotope, Lutetium 177, at a Regional Outpatient Radiation-Oncology Clinic

Emma Kurth (Coastal Carolina Univ.)

Integrated Modeling of Human Interactions with Hardware and Software in Digital Twins to Support Risk-Informed Regulation for Existing Plants and Advanced Reactors: Preliminary Results of Literature Review

Madeline M. Morasca (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Spencer Fargusson (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Ben Scott (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Ha H. Bui (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Pegah Farshadmanesh (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Zahra Mohaghegh (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Leipzig Applicator Dose Study Progress and Mesh Computational Phantoms

Julianna Davis (Coastal Carolina Univ.), George W. Hitt (Coastal Carolina Univ.), Klea Hoxha (Univ. California, Los Angeles)

Advancements of Optical and Vibrational Spectroelectrochemistry for Understanding Chemical and Electrochemical Behavior in Molten Salt Systems

Nicole Hege (Colorado School of Mines), Jessica Jackson (Colorado School of Mines), Jenifer Shafer (Colorado School of Mines)

Microstructure, Mechanical Properties, and Ion Irradiation of Novel Nickel-Base Alloys for Molten Salt Reactor Applications

Ryan C. Thier (Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville), Qinyun Chen (Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville), Jay Tiley (ORNL), Soumya Nag (ORNL), Steven J. Zinkle (Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville)

The Construction of Reduced Order Models for the HYBRID Repository

Iza G. Lantgios (Univ. Pittsburgh), Junyung Kim (INL), Daniel Mikkelson (INL)

Wireless Independent Noble Gas Sampler: Software Overview

John B. Lyle (Univ. Texas, Austin), Ethan Fowler (Univ. Texas, Austin), Ian Sepdham (Univ. Texas, Austin), Hasif Shaikh (Univ. Texas, Austin), Khiloni Shah (Univ. Texas, Austin), Derek Haas (Univ. Texas, Austin)

Radical Probe Electroplating

David S. Kanfer (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Project Orion and The Nuclear Pulse Rocket

Brison A. Cowan (Oregon State)

Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger: Design, Build, Test

Andrew P. Panter (Univ. Michigan), Ethan M. Polselli (Univ. Michigan), Mohammad Omar Faruque F. Fahim (Univ. Michigan)

High-Energy 2-Year Cycle NuScale Core Design

Seerat M. Kaur (University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences), Meredith R. Thibeault (University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences), Webber Qu (University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences)

Palladium Silicide Compound Formation in Heat Treated Surrogate TRISO Particles via Bulk Diffusion

Jordan R. Stone (Univ. Texas, San Antonio), Steven J. Cavazos (Univ. Texas, San Antonio), Gisele George (Univ. Texas, San Antonio), Katherine I. Montoya (Univ. Texas, San Antonio), Elizabeth S. Sooby (Univ. Texas, San Antonio)

Why Mercury Cooled Reactors Fell Out of Favor so Quickly, an Overview of Clementine and the Future of Mercury

Joseph M. Rogers (Oregon State)

Fuel Management and Reload Cycle Optimization for a Westinghouse 4-Loop PWR

Wafaa Osman (NCSU), Sadat Pollard (South Carolina State), JIALUN WANG (NCSU), Julian I. Colvin (NCSU)

Cardinal: A Multiphysics Solver for Coupling Monte Carlo and CFD

Aya Hegazy (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), April J. Novak (ANL)

Tracking the Progress of Former Soviet Union Nuclear Reactors

Cooper D. Anderson (Oregon State)

Exploration of Tritium Breeding in Fusion Stellarators

Helen L. Howery (Oregon State), Weslee Kersey (Oregon State), Tanner Heatherly (Oregon State), Camille Palmer (Oregon State), Todd S. Palmer (Oregon State)

Photocurrent Production from X-rays in Fusion Devices Feasibility Study

Coleman P. Smith (Penn State)

MCNP Simulations of Various Pebble Models for Pebble Bed Gas Cooled Reactors

Zachary C. Crouch (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Braden Goddard (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Zeyun Wu (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Benjamin A. Impson (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)

Design of a Digital Twin-based Autonomous Control for an Advanced Reactor

Travis Vaughan (NCSU), Braden Arnold (NCSU), Jeremy Ray (South Carolina State), Derek Freeman (NCSU)

Improving the Accuracy of Cesium Iodide Scintillation Detectors for Directional Detection

Cynthia Sun (US Military Academy), Bryson M. Kirschenheiter (US Military Academy)

In-Pile Capsule for Housing of Instrumentations

Alexander M. Scott (Penn State), Hudson J. Watkins (Penn State), Alexis Nicholes (Penn State), Charles Stanko (Penn State)

Current Applications of Atmospheric Large Area Plasmas and Future Research

Aryan Panigrahi (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Jake Mitstifer (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Krishna Nimmalagadda (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Reducing Dose in Radiation Protection Workers During Outages

Cassandra A. Soto (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Jennifer Oribello (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Elias Kokkinis (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Fabrication and Metrology of SiC Cladding and Seals for Containment and Heat Transfer

Mason D. Phillips (Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville), Caen K. Ang (Ultra Safe Nuclear Corp.), Christopher B. Shaver (*University of Tennessee, Nuclear Engineering Department)

Cycle Analysis for Generic Westinghouse 2-Loop PWR

Matthew F. Nash (NCSU), Scott P. Palmtag (NCSU)


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