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Optimal Sizing Toolbox for Energy Generation and Storage for a Nuclear Hybrid Microgrid

10:15–10:35AM EDT

Nathan S. Chandra (Purdue), Molly Ross (Purdue), Hitesh Bindra (Purdue University, College of Engineering)

Design and Testing of Low Pressure Heated Subcapsule for Use in Irradiation Experiments

10:35–10:55AM EDT

Alexandra G. Akins (NCSU), Treyvon Griffin (North Carolina State University, South Carolina State University), Henry Osborne (NCSU), Cooper Trucks (NCSU), Joe J. Palmer (INL), Ge Yang (NCSU)

Application of a Tuning Forks in Measuring Viscosity and Density of Molten Salt Systems

10:55–11:15AM EDT

Ryan J. Charrette (NCSU), Harrison Q. Storms (NCSU), Declan R. Miller (NCSU), Madison A. Turmon (South Carolina State), Alexander W. Bataller (NCSU)

Comparison of Measured and Simulated Neutron Counting with 3He Detectors and the Subcritical Water-Moderated UO2 7uPCX Assembly

11:15–11:35AM EDT

Tanner Heatherly (Oregon State), Nicholas H. Whitman (Los Alamos National Laboratory, NEN-2), Jesson D. Hutchinson (Los Alamos National Laboratory, NEN-2), Mark A. Nelson (Los Alamos National Laboratory, NEN-2), George E. McKenzie (Los Alamos National Laboratory, NEN-2), Robert A. Weldon (Los Alamos National Laboratory, NEN-2)


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