The social event is co-sponsored by Constellation & the UIUC Nuclear, Plasma, & Radiological Engineering Department.

The dinner is sponsored by One Battelle.

Speaker photo

Friday Evening Keynote: 

Grace Stanke

Miss America 2023 & Miss Wisconsin 2022


4:00-10:00 Clayton Family Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Campus (ARC) Open

5:00-5:20 Touchable Bearded Dragon near Zoo Entrance

5:20-5:40 Touchable Ball Python near Zoo Entrance

5:40-6:00 Otter Training Demonstration

6:00-6:10 Otter Training Q&A

6:15-6:40 Tiger Meatball Toss + Watch the Tiger Eat Dinner

8:25-8:45 Touchable Hedgehog near Dinner Tent entryway

Zoo Knoxville Park Rules and Regulations:

1. No pets or other animals may be brought to the Zoo.

2. For the protection of all animals, balloons are not allowed on Zoo property or in its


3. All guests shall remain in designated public areas and will remain outside of all guard rails.

4. Animals may not be fed, annoyed, or provoked.

5. No bicycling, skate-boarding, rollerblading, or other similar activities are allowed in the


6. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Park by guests. Event organizers may

bring in event alcohol with prior arrangements with zoo coordinator. Alcoholic beverages

provided by the Zoo must be consumed in designated areas and only by those entitled by

applicable law.

7. No fires may be started in the Park.

8. All trash and garbage shall be placed in provided containers.

9. No vegetation may be picked, pruned, or otherwise damaged.

10. No vehicles may be operated in the Park except in designated public parking areas.

11. No wading or swimming is permitted in the Park.

12. No loud sounds may be transmitted within the Park. The Zoo in its sole discretion may limit

the use of and/or volume level of live or recorded music or other sounds in the Park.

Any children under the age of twelve (12) shall be accompanied by an adult while visiting the Park

and its exhibits