Description: Proton therapy is a trusted, advanced form of radiation therapy capable of precisely targeting tumors while significantly sparing healthy tissue and decreasing the risk of side effects. As the only proton therapy center in our region, we’re proud to offer the latest technology and treatment methods to patients across East Tennessee and beyond. The unique characteristics of protons allow doctors to determine and plan exactly where the prescribed maximum energy of the proton beam is released within the target tumor site to destroy cancer cells. Tightly conforming to the shape of the tumor site avoids delivering unnecessary radiation to nearby healthy tissue and vital organs. The decrease in unnecessary radiation results in patients’ improved quality of life both during and after treatment. Seeing is believing. On the one hour tour of our state-of-the-art facility, you’ll learn about the history and science of proton therapy and see the cutting-edge technology we use to save lives every day. 

Capacity: 29 people